Feeding frenzy of claims

There have been over 200 contemporary claims filed with the Waitangi Tribunal. Ngapuhi claimants are even talking about lodging a claim for the commercial use of wind. Customary rights to water is another example, there are many more... Read More

Only hot water will kill the nasties

As usual I enjoyed reading The Weekend Sun and the article ‘Switch on to your bill and save' (page 30, July 14). The last paragraph, which advises using cold water in the washing machine, makes me recall an interview Kim Hill had some years... Read More

Leave them at home

I like dogs as much as the next person but I don't understand why dog owners feel the need to bring them to the side-lines of their children's sports games. Even if they are on a lead, they still have a tendency to trip the unsuspecting Mum... Read More

Dirty Diesels

Dozens of dirty diesels are doing daily damage to our health and wealth! I refer to the old diesel buses, circling our city for 14 hours every day with very few passengers. Diesel fumes are bad for health and bus Losses are now $80 million plus. The NZTA... Read More

Clear answers needed

Our local parliamentary representatives have shown that they have influenced important government investments in health etc. They do not inform us, however, that they are dealing with the numerous other most unsatisfactory developments in our clearly... Read More

Presenters bordering on narcissism

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the people who front TV news desks are ‘floozies' (Rogers Rabbits, July 14). I would also describe them as ‘muppet-like' and ‘conceited windbags'. I've... Read More

Celebrating Independence Day

On July 4 America celebrates their Independence Day as founding their nation, and yet in New Zealand our Independence Day is never celebrated. Queen Victoria's Royal Charter dated November 16, 1840 was our true founding document. This important... Read More

Emotional innumeracy

One of the major problems that can be created by the borrowing of the present government is ‘emotional innumeracy', which would be reinforced by a Labour government. There sadly isn't a magic bullet to get people to accept that... Read More

Getting what you should

Whatever happened to getting what you should when you buy from a department store? You order a couple of beds, pay for them, it's several weeks before you get them, they have to be made, no mention of that fact. The big day arrives, two beds, no... Read More

Backlash egalitarian, not racist

Racism is giving one racial group different rights and privileges to others. It is differential treatment on the basis of race. That is what Maori are ‘continually' looking for. I do not believe there should be rights over ‘our'... Read More