Tips, statistics, and smiles

This story, like many others published when the winter season rolls around, will focus on police asking motorists to do simple things to keep themselves and others safe when driving on the roads. And even though road safety is at the forefront of Western... Read More

Embracing autism head on

Forget trying to be ‘normal' – just try to be you. That's the message for young autistics from two Tauranga residents who know more about the struggle to be themselves than most. Jason Edgecombe and Paula Jessop are both high-functioning... Read More

Clarion call for a new trumpet

“I cannot explain in words how much it means to me.” A passionate, gifted 16-year-old expressing her connection with music, with her trumpet. “I love that amazing, freeing feeling of playing,” says Year 12 Mount Maunganui College... Read More

Seeking a simple convenient so

“I don't think we have a choice, we have to act, we have to do something.” Steve Morris is ferreting through Tauranga's rubbish issues and something stinks. “I mean it's untenable we are one of the dirtiest, if not... Read More

Chaos at college gates

Parents of Papamoa College students are raising safety concerns about the traffic chaos they are experiencing when picking their children up from school. The front school gates are usually open, allowing parents to access a pick-up lane at the end of... Read More

Out of bad can come good

It was an unidentified young truck driver and a woman on her way to work who restored Trudy Riley's faith in human kindness. “And somehow I just want to reach out to them and say thank you,” says Trudy. “Because their actions... Read More

Selwyn Ridge ‘the place to bee'

Gone are the days when school fairs were all about fundraising for the school and bobbing for apples. While fund-raising is still on the agenda, Selwyn Ridge School's upcoming Mid-Winter Christmas Fair on July 1 is an opportunity to celebrate culture,... Read More

Banksy’s legacy to Tauranga

The paradox was taking street art into what's often considered to be the exclusive and rarified environment of a traditional art gallery. “And breaking down those barriers and knocking down the walls so to speak,” says Karl Chitham,... Read More

Call for change at city hall

Tauranga City Council's economic development and investment committee chairman Max Mason is calling for councillors to step up and take a greater management role in the council organisation. Referring to the BDO investigation into the city council's... Read More

Why Kevin’s quitting Tauranga

Kevin Steedman's had a gutsful – he's quitting his job, packing up his nine metre motor home and leaving town.  “I am leaving because I have to – they have made it impossible for me to stay.” They being the Tauranga... Read More