Carless challenge for council

Tauranga City councillor Terry Molloy received an unexpected answer when he asked Jo Wills how the city council could encourage people to use public transport instead of their cars. “It's not an answer you are going to like, but limit the... Read More

A patch of dirt for a haven

  They've got the animals, the people, willing sponsors, the will and the way. The only thing they're missing is the land. High Hopes Haven Rehabilitation and Educational Centre is a not-for-profit organisation where abused and abandoned... Read More

Challenge accepted!

Think about it. If a businessperson spends 9am-5pm every working day at their desk, that's eight hours a day deskbound. Forty hours a week, or 160 hours a month parked on their backsides. That's if they don't take their lunchbreaks.... Read More

Travel agents spontaneous B&B

There was one very miserable German backpacker weeping and there were two other women crying with joy. Feelings were running wild in a Tauranga CBD travel agency. “It was the saddest thing and the most beautiful thing” says Julie Commerer,... Read More

Free-to-air AB’s gathers momentum

It couldn't have happened at a better time for New Zealand First. MP Clayton Mitchell's anti-siphoning legislation – the bill which would return the All Blacks, the Kiwis and the Olympics, all sport of national significance, to live... Read More

Phone your GP day or night

"Phone your GP day or night for healthcare advice” is the message going out to Western Bay residents with the launch of a new nurse telephone triage service. Introduced this week, the service will answer after-hours calls for all 30 Western Bay... Read More

New pharmacy on the block

There's a new pharmacy in town, and they plan on opening with a bang next week. Gate Pa Village Pharmacy, located at 17 Courtney Rd, open their doors to the public on September 15 with a little bit of a party – and a whole lot of in-store... Read More

Introduction to Xero

How well do you manage your business? Do you track your progress and understand your numbers? If you are thinking of changing your accounting software, you may want to consider Xero. Xero, a user friendly accounting package, will streamline your accounting... Read More

IT help at your backdoor

The need for reliable computing equipment makes good IT support as important as a good mechanic, and the Omokoroa district has enjoyed an established IT company on its backdoor for more than a decade. AcrePC owner and director Sarah Rice says one of... Read More

Award-winning advice

One look at Paramount Services' brimming trophy cabinet will tell you the company is no stranger to offering not only an exceptional service but also quality franchise opportunities, says Harris Tate Lawyers director and franchise law expert David... Read More