Moment of truth

On November 21 I had to take part in the debate on the issue of Maori wards for the Western Bay of Plenty Council. I voted not to introduce Maori wards and now, for me, it is the moment of truth. Unfortunately iwi have decided they are a victim of circumstance.... Read More

What is wrong with ratepayers?

It seems Tauranga ratepayers will be facing some hefty rate increases over the next 10 years, adding hundreds to the yearly bill. There must be a genetic code in elected officials that forces them to punish the people who pay them. Figures show a... Read More

Hunker down, it could be awhile

Mr Rabbit, I find your proposed extended fishing expedition to expose dirt on the new government mildly objectionable (The Weekend Sun, November 24). You conveniently forget the growing social inequalities, the educational and research wasteland, housing... Read More

Promises just a ploy

Re proposed 13.6 per cent rates hike. Well done Cr Morris for posing the question ‘Can politicians keep their promises?' (page 12, The Weekend Sun, November 24 ) and then telling us that the answer can be found at the following The... Read More

Nothing short of apartheid

I'm astounded that in 2017 the Western Bay of Plenty District Council is even contemplating voting for Maori wards (page 3, The Weekend Sun, November 24). I agree with Kaimai councillor Margaret Murray-Benge that if Maori wards were voted in it... Read More

Council seeing the light

Tauranga City Council CEO Garry Poole has seen the light. I raise this because Garry has proposed that two important questions be asked of all Tauranga citizens regarding the new 10-year plan currently under consideration. One, ‘What do you want... Read More

Dangerous roads, bad attitudes

Recently we had an overseas expert telling us that our roads were the cause of many accidents. I wonder what he would have said if he had been with me on the bus recently. At Cameron Rd and 11th Avenue I watched a woman in the middle lane preparing some... Read More

Illusionary allusions

It is very gracious of W Parish of Bellevue (The Weekend Sun, November 17) to tell me what it sounds like I'm saying. The relevance of his enigmatic historic allusions have eluded me. But to compare Kiri Te Kanawa and Neil Finn to a crowd of ambulatory... Read More

Jack-in-the-box kids

Last week's Concert FM News Bulletins quoted a man claiming to be a former Manus Island Detention Centre guard who alleged acts of violence and child abuse by a number of the detainees. He argued this was the major reason why New Zealand should... Read More

Mind your own backyard

Ms Ardern prances around on the world stage, demanding that Australia hand over 150 ‘asylum seekers' from the Manus Island facility – essentially rebels remaining on Manus, many of whom are arrogant, aggressive young males being trouble... Read More