Car making a difference in the community

The team with their new car – Papamoa Community patroller Japie Volschenk, dealer principal Ebbett Tauranga’s Julian Clements and Papamoa Community Patrol chairperson Debbie Youngman.

It’s a story of a team making the community feel safe and a local business doing what they can to help make that happen.

Ebbett Tauranga recently sponsored a brand-new Hyundai Kona L for the Papamoa Community Patrol team.

“Ebbett have sponsored us for three years now. The sponsorship was originally through the Holden brand, so they’d give us a Holden,” says Papamoa Community Patrol chairperson Debbie Youngman.

“Then, when Holden pulled out of New Zealand that changed.

“Ebbett then picked up the Hyundai franchise and was able to continue the sponsorship through them.

“Then a couple of weeks ago, he called and said he had a Hyundai Kona L available for us!”

Ebbett Tauranga dealer principal Julian Clements says the team is glad they are able to continue their support for the community group.

“It’s a relationship we’ve had for a few years now. Now that we’re representing the Hyundai brand, we were keen to continue that support and get them into a Hyundai.”

And the car will be put to good use, says Debbie.

“We have a night patrol and a day patrol who both use the car and it’s running day and night.

“It’s great, it takes so much pressure off us. We’re all volunteers and we don’t get money from anyone so we rely on sponsorship, donations and fundraisers,” she says.

“The fact we don’t need to worry about a car anymore just takes things to a whole new level – and it’s a brand-new car which is even better! It’s got all the mod-cons and latest technology it, and it means so much to our patrol. We can’t thank Ebbett enough really.”

“For us it’s about giving back to the community that we do business in and I think it’s a good cause – it’s manned by volunteers,” says Julian.

“They’re out there offering services to the community, so it’s a good thing to be a part of from my point of view.”

Papamoa Community Patrol consists of about 40 volunteers who work in partnered shifts, patrolling the area and working closely with police as its eyes and ears in the community.

They do everything from patrolling neighbourhoods at night to helping people who are lost find their way.

“We’re open to anyone interested in helping – if you pass the police vetting form, you go through training which takes about three months and involves some online and practical training, then away you go!” says Debbie.

Debbie says Papamoa Community Patrol is looking to run a volunteer drive at the beginning of 2021. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in getting behind, visit:

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