Anguish! Torn between two faiths 

Roger Rabbits with Jim Bunny I love rugby league. There! - I have said it. Bald, bold and brassy. I feel liberated - like I have just 'come out'. But then my lovely gay brother always said I should find myself a nice... Read More

CAB is here to help!

Not Sure? Ask Us with Catherine Fletcher Tauranga's Citizens Advice Bureau is here to help when you need us. We provide free, confidential, independent information and advice to anyone, and help people know what their... Read More

Two new albums from the Bay

Music Plus with Winston Watusi I'm looking at two new local albums today, very different from each other but with one big similarity. One is from Irish band The Whittakers, the other from singer-songwriter... Read More

Thanks from the Commission

Commission News & Views with Anne Tolley The Tauranga City Council Commission's term will come to an end next month, following the election of a mayor and nine Councillors on July 20. We know opinions have varied on... Read More

Supporting hardworking families

Talking Politics with Sam Uffindell, Tauranga MP Budget 2024 delivers overdue tax relief to 3.5 million New Zealanders so they can keep more of what they earn. We are delivering on a key commitment made during the 2023... Read More

Bay of Plenty sports in full swing

Sports correspondent & historian with Sideline Sid The business end of the Bay of Plenty Rugby premier rugby competitions kicks off on Saturday after the preliminary rounds were completed last weekend. Seven Western... Read More

Unleashing our potential for a sustainable future

Green Goals with Josh Cole In our quest for a brighter and more sustainable future, it is crucial that we address the pressing issue of responsible resource allocation. As individuals, we hold the power to shape a world... Read More

The writing of a book

Weather Eye with John Maunder\ Over 55 years ago in April 1968 when I was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography in the University of Victoria in Canada, I remember very well when on a Wednesday morning... Read More

His Royal Highness

Roger Rabbits with Jim Bunny His Royal Highness ... Read More

Ukes, blues, Hekapa and ‘Garage Fuzz’...

Music Plus with Winston Watusi It seems my tidy plan for New Zealand Music Month has descended into chaos. C'est la vie. And though it's all over now, it seems the sudden glut of local music releases... Read More

Ensuring voices of our community are heard

Lobbying For Good with Erika Harvey On July 20, Tauranga will see the preliminary results of our newly-elected council. This is an exciting time for our city, but more importantly it's a time to ensure that the voices... Read More

A small band of fellow jockeys

Sports correspondent & historian with Sideline Sid On our recent trip to Queensland, I met a sportsman who collects air points like confetti and receives a myriad of petrol discounts each month. Sunshine Coast jockey... Read More