Letters to the Editor

The Weekend Sun welcomes letters and photographs from readers. Preference will be given to letters that are short (200 words maximum), supplied with the writer’s full name and contact details. Photographs are best in high resolution and jpg format. Email: letters@thesun.co.nz

A pack of rubbish

Would you believe the slick way EnviroWaste makes money? We recently moved to Tauranga and had to recycle polystyrene from flat pack furniture. Oh, yes.... Read More

Back to school

The editor tells us if we are climate change deniers we should go back to school. I wonder what we would learn, obviously not how to do maths, or to spell,... Read More

Climate change

P Kelly (Weekend Sun, January 17, page 27), in denouncing Dan Hutchinson’s editorial the previous week on the need to get serious about climate change,... Read More

Fact-checking is key

In response to the letter ‘Drain the TCC swamp’ from R Paterson (The Weekend Sun, January 17, page 26). As the secretary of the Grand Pacific... Read More

Buses and Pyes Pa

Reading the letter ‘Stopping the Bus’ (The Weekend Sun, January 17, page 26), L Chandler has prompted me to sympathise with them. I used to... Read More

Public transport

With regard to L.W Chandler signalling a bus that refused to stop (The Weekend Sun, January 17, page 26). Years ago London Transport had plastered all... Read More

Time for better

Over the summer break I went on holiday to Raglan with my family – myself, my wife and my two kids. While we were there, we took our two girls to... Read More

Taking the bet

P Dolden (The Weekend Sun, January 10, page 28), I'll bet you twenty dollars that President Trump is returned to office. J Lash, Hawera.... Read More

Adding more names

The Tauranga mayor has proposed that we could use Maori street names more often. I believe that we should leave it to the developers and builders, and... Read More

The truth about Iran

I read by P Dolden’s letter (The Weekend Sun, January 10, page 28) concerning Iran with incredulity. "The assassinations of foreign officials... Read More

Stopping the bus

On Friday, January 10, I went and sat in the bus stop near Melrose Village to catch a bus to Cameron Rd. After a couple of minutes one appeared at the... Read More

Drain the TCC swamp

Harington Street carpark debacle has been unfolding/unravelling since 2005/6. At the outset I maintained the planned TCC Carpark, (estimated at $5million)... Read More


I have been wondering why councillors had suddenly decided to gift the land in Mission Street over to Maori despite the fact Tauranga ratepayers had paid... Read More

The favoured few

Against all evidence and public opinion Tauranga City Council has voted to give 11 Mission street to Otamataha Trust, which in my opinion is totally irresponsible. Legally... Read More