Letters to the Editor

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E-Scooters not welcome by all

The effect of having Lime e-scooters in Tauranga would be a bad move for our older citizens. I have observed e-scooters in other cities and been alarmed... Read More

A feast of friendship

Last week [The Weekend Sun, p14] you had an excellent article about Probus Clubs which was totally factual. As a member of one of the eight or nine Friendship... Read More

Vote wisely

There seems to be some naivety surrounding this issue. The largest being that this is about decriminalisation. It is in fact about commercialisation.... Read More

Shining a light

Having read some conflicting statements regarding cannabis use generally in our community, I would like to shed some light on the subject. Scientific... Read More

We are New Zealanders

My family has proudly called NZ home for almost 200 years. Like most other settlers they bought the land, broke it in and built the fantastic country... Read More

A sad saga

Listening to the opinion of people on Labour spending $200 million plus on feeding children in school comes forth with this.   Parents should... Read More

A better way

It would seem that normal human responses are now deemed to be mental illnesses. Anxiety is a normal response to a lack of power and control and can be... Read More

What was achieved?

How unfortunate that the headline above the picture of Todd 'laser focused/National gets stuff done/move at pace' Muller is 'The Bay deserves... Read More

Cannabis ‘scaremongering’

In reply to M Murray-Benge, the writer’s reasoning skills are part of the problem, not of the solution. The writer shares reefer madness misinformation... Read More

Climbing the ladder

Recently both Don & I had a stay in Tauranga Hospital for 6 days due to a fall off a ladder. We received good treatment in A & E and also in the wards,... Read More

Trash talk and solutions

I was very recently in the Kaimai’s exploring our beautiful countryside and I came across a discarded fridge in the middle of a parking area and... Read More

Get rid of plastics and reduce waste

Harmful and dangerous plastics have to be phased out. It is dangerous to our health. The Government needs to do this as soon as possible. The fish we... Read More

Voting rights

Katikati Community Centre is going to have a special general meeting on September 17 at which they plan to change from an incorporated society to a charitable... Read More

A whiff of a ‘hijack’

In the [Katikati Advertiser] Katikati Community Centre is calling for a Special General Meeting [September 17] to make major changes to becoming a charitable... Read More

Sack them all

Tauranga City Rate Payers will have their hard earned rate payments wasted because our elected council members and mayor cannot behave themselves and be... Read More