Letters to the Editor

The Weekend Sun welcomes letters and photographs from readers. Preference will be given to letters that are short (200 words maximum), supplied with the writer’s full name and contact details. Photographs are best in high resolution and jpg format. Email: letters@thesun.co.nz

Bayfair ‘hospital’ pass

Dawn Picken’s opinion piece [Bay of Plenty Times, August 24] – it is all very well her ‘Citizens Underdogs’ for Bayfair Underpass... Read More

Rise and fall

Wesley Parish [The Weekend Sun, September 6] brings up relevant points regarding land rise and fall and sea level.   However, Nils Axel Morner who... Read More

Measles Epidemic 101

The recent “measles epidemic” in Auckland and other centres is being widely blamed on “anti-vaxxers”. Scapegoats also include... Read More

Wasted money

How much money should we allow the BOP Regional Council to lose on running empty busses before they are stopped? I believe the amount of losses is now... Read More

Why subsidise CBD?

Our city councillors are regularly requested to provide ratepayer funds to subsidise CBD promotional activities. The CBD business owners argue they require... Read More

Answers given

“Getting answers” [Letter in The Weekend Sun, September 6] generated this ‘LOGIMA’ update. We have considered your request in... Read More

Time to be fair

D J Bennett [The Weekend Sun letters, September 6], and Margaret Murray-Benge [letters, August 30] are claiming that their support for equal voting rights... Read More

Roads need funds

Every central government politician who comes to this sub region says SH2 and other roading projects are in desperate need of being built properly. They... Read More

On the level

There is one simple scientific fact that the idiots among us, the intelligentsia and the mendacious have to grasp and that fact is the sea level cannot... Read More

Waitangi Tribunal trivia

So the Waitangi Tribunal reports that a ban on prisoner voting disproportionally hurts Maori and breaches the Treaty. Their report implies that Maori... Read More

Issues of trust

Debbi Thyne [The Weekend Sun, August 30] writing on 11 Mission St, asserts the issue is about trust. She is absolutely right. Eleven Mission St was bought... Read More

‘Paws’ for thought

Hello, my name is Rossi. I am an old English sheepdog and have a really good ‘owner’ who always picks up my pooh. I consider my walks really... Read More

Unimaginable consequences

Regarding The Weekend Sun letters from John Fairburn and Ken Jones (August 23) and Tony Wahren and Rob Colmore (August 30), don’t forget it is scientists... Read More

Firearm safety

Last week, as a good, obedient, potential mass murderer, I partook in the gun buyback scheme at Mt Maunganui, rather grumpily, so that may have coloured... Read More

Mauao Base Track

Reinstatement of the track is only as complicated as they want to make it. Headlined by the old bogey of the bureaucratic red tape. In response to Cr... Read More