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Peevish renting legislation

Mr Twyford and Labour’s nonsense about residential tenancies is unbelievable and not being a landlord or tenant, I can see both sides. Terminations of 42 days’ notice on sales and 90 days as of right have always worked well in practice. Tenancies...... Read More

Kiwi speed talking irritates

Many overseas people I've met over the years comment on how fast some Kiwis talk. And how many radio listeners are out there who are frustrated by the speed talking that irritates the ears and scrambles the brain? Apart from the odd advert, the worst...... Read More

Opposing views on te reo history

In response to letters from Dey/Parish (September 7) and Paterson (August 31). Historically, pre-1800s New Zealand, various pockets of ex-islanders with various dialects existed, battle-victor determined. It's difficult to pretend ‘a universal...... Read More

Hooray for free speech

A note of encouragement is in order for Rogers Rabbits in the face of S Rawson’s criticism (September 7). And bravo for publishing critics of your own views; it’s admirable. Humorous or satirical writings are fair play as long as they don’t...... Read More

Words won’t change the course

In response to M Whitwell (September 7) praising Roger Rabbits' clever parody on a climate change conference (August 24), let's be clear about the distinction between the sometimes muddled politics of climate change and its unequivocal science.  It...... Read More

Autocracy in the Bay

In spite of the overwhelming results in the Maori wards referendum from the people he has been chosen to represent – 78 per cent against them – the Western Bay of Plenty Mayor, Garry Webber, has chosen a reprehensible path to achieve his personal...... Read More

So much for ‘fabricated’

I read R Paterson's latest ‘Government-driven compulsion’ (The Weekend Sun, August 31) and met those words "their modern fabricated language (bearing little resemblance to original Maori)" and thought, at the very least, he should...... Read More

Economic value of Maori language

R Paterson (The Weekend Sun, August 31) seems unaware that Maori language does have an economic value for us. New Zealand benefits from people who can speak the languages of the countries that we trade with and from which tourists come. Language experts...... Read More

Appalled at casual racism

I am often appalled at the general level of casual racism in your letters column but last week (August 31) it moved to full-blown in-your-face anti-Maori bigotry. Perhaps the likes of K Collingwood ('There are some very enterprising, hard-working...... Read More

Climate change points ‘vitally relevant’

Top honours to Rogers Rabbits for his page 2 column on August 24. The comments about climate change were perceptive. The salient points, wrapped in laughs, were easy to assimilate and they are vitally relevant to all of us. M Whitwell, Judea.... Read More