Letters to the Editor

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Sounds of silence

With reference to the ongoing 1080 debate, during the 1970s and 80s I was employed by the New Zealand Wildlife Service and, in latter years the Department of Conservation, with responsibilities for gamebird management in the Southern Lakes area. During...... Read More

Is Tauranga next?

In response to R Begley’s letter (The Weekend Sun, March 8) 1080 poison is classed by the World Health Organisation as 1A - extremely hazardous. It was originally manufactured as an insecticide by Monsanto and banned in USA amid fears terrorists...... Read More

Grow up NZ

So our Luddite radio stations won’t play Michael Jackson’s music? One wonders why all of this this didn’t come out in full while he was still alive. What next? Should all Volkswagen drivers stop using their cars because of Hitler’s...... Read More

Same old stadium question

A small article on page 10 of The Weekend Sun (March 8) asks the same old question: Does Tauranga need a stadium? Why do we need a stadium? We already have a “multi-purpose stadium for sports, concerts and events”. It is called Baypark and...... Read More

Here we go again

Some scribe in the northern hemisphere dares to liken young England wing Joe Cokanasiga to Jonah Lomu. Cue howls of outrage from New Zealand’s rugby media. “Incomparable and the numbers prove it,” carped one local rugby scribe. After...... Read More

Where’s the quality?

Recently, I have been browsing through the excellent publication by Fiona Kean called ‘From Tauranga to the Trenches’ from the Tauranga Heritage Collection. One article was on ‘War Time Concerns’, which talks about 379 letters...... Read More

Slips on the increase

On a recent visit to my favourite viewing spot of the Mount from the end of Plummers Point Road, I was dismayed to find the picnic area reduced by a big slippage of the cliff edge. I have been checking the rate of slippage for long periods and the rate...... Read More

Read up

If D Maisey wishes to read “misinformation and blatant lies” about 1080 use, he should read his own letter to The Weekend Sun (March 8). If, on the other hand, he cares to read the truth about 1080 use, he should read Dave Hansford’s...... Read More

Bad habits in crawling traffic

I write in response to K. Gilmore’s letter last week (The Weekend Sun, February 22). While I totally agree that yes, crawling traffic is hardly a death trap, my concern is rather about forming bad habits. There will be people that think texting...... Read More

Campervan fees make sense

I frequently camp in Europe, and many cities over there have a good solution to the many thousands of campervans that visit popular cities. They give night rates in the city car parks, and it’s usually about $10-$15 a night from 6pm to 6am (though...... Read More

1080 take is misinformed

In response to Clayton Mitchell’s piece on advocating alternatives to 1080 (The Weekend Sun, February 22), while looking for alternatives is a good thing, his piece is full of misinformation. He says it is “a poison which has seen a significant...... Read More

Rugby remonstration is owners’ right

“On ne change pas une équipe qui gagne” goes the French proverb. One doesn’t change a winning team, or, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Mourad Boudjellal’s Toulon rugby team was broken and he’s fixing...... Read More

Time to transfer

In 2009, Tauranga City Council bought 11 Mission Street for the Elms and a peppercorn rental was charged until ownership was transferred to it. The transfer has not yet occurred. So why did councillors, other than Cr Brown, Cr Robson and Cr Stewart not...... Read More

Bus lane botch job

It is time to revisit the unplanned Hairini bus lane introduction. Even when a bus does use the bus lane, they will be basically empty and, in the meantime, the diverted traffic is adding to the congestion at the Maungatapu roundabout end. Both directions...... Read More

Mental health claims astounding

I was astounded when I read the letter entitled ‘Church has a lot to answer for’ (The Weekend Sun, February 15). The claim that faith in God, worship and a wholesome lifestyle is bad for mental health was made without any scientific, statistical...... Read More