Letters to the Editor

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Rates should come down

Is it too much to ask the Mayor and his deputy to pull their heads out of the sand and see what’s happening around them. In the words of Western... Read More

Freeze rates

Ross Goudie, the Chair of the Waihi Beach Community Board has called for a freeze on rate increases this year in WBOP District. He told Mayor Garry Webber... Read More

Humans need fixing

Man has been on a self-destruct mode from day one. Sure he has made gains in saving lives but he has also plundered for power. He loves control over what... Read More

‘Why?’ is the answer

A Hand up is available from many organisations but how many are abusing this by pleading hardship forever? Who investigates? Organisations who respond... Read More

Waste of money

I have recently received a copy of a letter of the Tauranga City Council. The proposal is to upgrade Cheyne Park, which is just off Montana Drive (off... Read More

What I am grateful for

This whole very scary experience of Covid-19 has also been a lesson in the fact that I am part of an amazing community. Some idiots – yes - but mostly... Read More

Saving water

When I was at school, one of the difficult maths problems I always had trouble with went like this; ‘When you have water filling a leaking bucket... Read More

What’s natural?

Many likely won't know Kenny Rogers as a bit before their time. Famous and successful country music hit machine artist. He died (this week) age 81,... Read More

Not the first time

This isn't the first time my generation has been ordered by the New Zealand Government to "stay home and avoid unnecessary travel" as it... Read More

Keeping up

Your correspondent S. Caughey (20/3/20) lambasts the City Council and councillor Baldock in particular. While there’s plenty I disagree with the... Read More

Not very Christian

Our Mayor reportedly said at a formal Council meeting “Councillor Dawn and Andrew need to stop posting the s##t they have over the last couple of... Read More

Close Pike River case

Several millions of dollars have been set aside by government to continue the hunt for evidence of foul play in Pike River mine. It has been a costly... Read More

Cashless Society

So, the rumours continue that we will have a cashless society within three years. How can this be a good thing? Whoever is behind this so-called advance... Read More

Creeping socialism

After perusing the headlines - climate change, homeless people, rising rates, not enough finance for this or that, it's obvious from what myself and... Read More

Hypocrisy abounds

Whilst the country is preoccupied with the Covid 19 crisis, Parliament has passed the extreme Abortion Bill, taking away all rights of the unborn child,... Read More