Hats off to you sir...

Re: ‘No Care or Consideration?' letter by Noel Hewitt on page 22, The Weekend Sun, September 29, 2023, with reply from Tauranga City Council's acting Transport Network Operations manager Richard Eaton.

Once again TCC acting transport network operations manager Richard Eaton has shown what a great place to live Tauranga is. His response shows what a great health and safety culture exists in this city. His comment that 'in this specific instance it was identified that the pole on question was severely corroded and posed an imminent risk to public safety. The decision was made to remove the pole immediately to remove the risk of the pole falling”.

What dedication by the person who wanders the streets in the middle of the night to check on the integrity of light poles, and the fact they can get contractors to respond immediately in the dead of the night does show what a dedicated team this city has.

My hats off to you sir.

Noel Hewlett, The Avenues.

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