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Happy as a pig in poop

  It’s hard to figure where the farmyard stops and the farmhouse starts.   That’s because the ducks and chooks, the goat and... Read More

Sixty years of breeding budgies

  Champion Tauranga budgie breeder Warren Kilmister is elated that his cobalt blue and green “big boys” won some of the hotly contested... Read More

Tauranga runners in form

  Craig Kirkwood is rightly proud of all the athletes he trains under the CK Coaching banner.   He has a simple philosophy to success -... Read More

Filming seaweed foraging

  Filmmakers Antoinette Wilson and Jordan Osmond have been busy making short documentaries about permaculture, food forests and sustainable living.... Read More

Preston Park honours Ngati Kahu

  Those who remember the ‘mad bomber of Bethlehem’ story 25 years ago will be pleased to know there’s a happy chapter starting.   In... Read More

Dodgy ankle strengthens resolve

  She has won a summer scholarship, a one week immersion at Rambert School - one of the world’s most exclusive and prestigious dance schools... Read More

Traffic woes stuck in limbo

  They felt fobbed off by the Tauranga City Council, so a group of Tauranga college students are ramping up the pressure to remedy what they perceive... Read More