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The excitement that is Hungerball

  Picture a six-sided inflatable arena where you can play soccer, hockey and other ball games with up to 12 people either on your feet or in a... Read More

Simply BMW

  The first Bay of Plenty meet for a BMW club that has quickly grown to over 3000 members nationwide will be held in Mount Maunganui on Sunday.   Doctor... Read More

Twelve Angry Men

  It is 1957, and 12 men have been led into a jury room in a New York City court of law.   They are given final instructions about determining... Read More

Conservation and concerts collide

  A Pāpāmoa woman has combined her love of nature and music by organising series of gigs at Te Puna Quarry Park.   Amber McNicol was inspired... Read More

Marathon man

  The Auckland Marathon is celebrating its 30th anniversary this Sunday, and one Pāpāmoa resident has more attachment to the event than most.... Read More

Humpty Dumpty on the mend

  All the king’s horses and all the king’s men may not be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, but artists Sam Allen and... Read More

Child vaccine rollout begins

More than half-a-million doses of Pfizer vaccine have arrived in New Zealand ahead of the Covid vaccine rollout for children. From Monday, January 17,... Read More

The business of car boots

  Keith and Shirley Carter are looking forward to the Tauranga South Community Patrol having an uninterrupted year of successful monthly car boot... Read More

Misha’s mission pays off

A Pāpāmoa woman’s ongoing quest to protect dogs from karaka berry poisoning has come on leaps and bounds. Misha Gildenberger has lobbied Tauranga... Read More