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Partial eclipse of The Sun

  The Weekend Sun will not be printed for the next four weeks.   Management advises that an extensive, free news service will continue to... Read More

Essential businesses to stay open

  New Zealand is in lockdown but Bay of Plenty people can still connect through Sun Media’s news website: and can now find... Read More

Help your neighbours

  People are being urged to build support networks in their community to ensure the needs of vulnerable people are being met.   Age Concern... Read More

Rekindling the love

  It’s time to start reading our way out of a crisis.   Books a Plenty shut its doors on Wednesday but already had a number of loyal... Read More

Brian versus the bug

It’s taken a global and viral ‘nasty’ to silence the man who won’t be silenced. Brian Cotter, the 90-year-old tonsils on the... Read More

Looking after the pennies

  There’s a big 2/6d glistening in the pile, a two shillings and sixpence, a half crown.   That was enough to buy a pack of 20 Matinee... Read More

Another star for Maketu

  After a busy week as a truck driver you would expect Maketu resident Eric Ashe to just put his feet up.   Nothing could be further from... Read More