‘Thank you’ to our health worker superstars!

Recently I had to be taken to hospital for investigation of a sudden medical event.

From the minute St John Ambulance staff arrived at my door, I received exceptional care. Adele, who had already done a 12-hour shift, and her male co-driver treated me with kindness and concern and drove competently through the late-afternoon traffic.

At ED it took a little while to be admitted, but the staff calmly did their utmost to attend to everyone promptly. I thank the first nurse who tended to me, though he was busy between cubicles, with new patients being sent in regularly. He was from the Philippines and had been part of our workforce for two years. After another wait for results, I went to a cubicle with a bed, and was able to lay down for a rest. Attached to monitors, I shuffled to another area, where I got my overnight nurse, and doctor Ellie who did her best during a busy shift to figure out what caused my symptoms, helped by Susan in imaging. After a series of tests, it was 4am when staff cleared me of anything sinister. Thanks to the lovely nurse on night shift.

I know she was going to have a hard day ahead, as it was a teacher-only day for her children.

She checked me out, and as it was 6am when I left. With no buses my way, she helped me phone a taxi and get home.

I know the system is overloaded and sometimes has glitches but l’m thankful we have a health system which will gather us up and treat us with the care and kindness I experienced that night.

Thanks Tauranga Hospital and St John staff, you are heroes, and I appreciate all your efforts.

Barbara Saies, WBOP.


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