Letters to the Editor

Mount needs a carparking building

Re: Proposed parking charges at The Mount. Tauranga City Councillor Reece Wilkinson has known for many years that there were parking problems at the Mount. A three-storey... Read More

Graffiti agreements

Hi Jim Bunny, thank you for your editorial highlighting the graffiti issue. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments, and would love to see some police action... Read More

Government‘s role in directing New Zealand news

With small NZ media publications losing advertising to overseas online media, journalists need funding. "Fair Digital News Bargaining" (FDNB) claims to help journalists... Read More

Fossil fuels are far too cheap

Re: congestions charges proposal (The Weekend Sun, page 5, September 15, 2023). The major problem with traffic congestion country-wide is that fossil fuels are... Read More

There is no book on democracy...

In recent letters to The Weekend Sun various correspondents have expressed their opposition to issues in our relationship with the treaty partners. Robin Rimmer... Read More

Idea will only force people away

Re: The proposed parking charges in downtown Mount. (The Weekend Sun, page 4, September 15, 2023). The traffic congestion at the Mount during the Christmas/New... Read More

Enough room already for golf at Mount

Re: 'Surprise tee in the reserve' (The Weekend Sun, page 3, September 15, 2023). It was disappointing to read that Mount Maunganui Golf Club is trying to snafu... Read More

Tell crime where to go with CCTV!

When one listens to our country's crime statistic,s why do not more people install CCTV? Police called on me one day because a neighbour thought that I had CCTV;... Read More

Indigenous wisdom research applauded

Congratulations to Te Kotāhi Research Institute for the invitation to join the US$30 million research for Indigenous Knowledge and Science based research at University... Read More

Is this really what we need spend rates money on?

I have lived in Te Puke town centre for almost eight years and with my husband I walk the streets regularly, different days and different times. I have seen around... Read More

The actual problem is...

Re: Barbara Saies' letter (The Weekend Sun, August 25) calls for such a response. It is very distasteful that she should misrepresent the views of others in order... Read More

NZ needs to be united!

Recent letters seemed to have stirred up a few people. In answer to some of the points raised. Te Reo - I have no problem with people wishing to learn Te Reo but... Read More