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Traffic troubles

The traffic problems around town should have eased this week. It is school holidays and it is raining. Council decisions have caused many of the problems. Regional council decided to start charging for school buses. The majority of school buses run half...... Read More

‘Our Dame’ valued by many

Re ‘Vale Dame Susan’ (The Weekend Sun, June 29). I am probably as well placed as any to comment on Dame Susan's biases, if they indeed exist. As past chair of Auckland Regional Migrants Services Support Trust, (ARMS) of which Dame Susan...... Read More

Share views on climate change

I congratulate Simon Bridges for sticking to his principles and not being swayed by the many Kiwis who think climate change is a hoax (page 13, The Weekend Sun, June 29). It is really great that he has brought the National Party to work on a bilateral...... Read More

Excellent care at Tauranga Hospital

Recently Tauranga Hospital confirmed my worst suspicions about New Zealand's health system. That is, most of what we hear about it is negative, whereas most of what happens is good but we don't hear about it. After 10 days in various departments...... Read More

Penance for false insurance claim

After reading Rogers Rabbits ‘Burn and bust’ false insurance claim (The Weekend Sun, June 29) I thought I’d share my family story. In the 1940s my naughty Norwegian grandfather set fire to his kitchen to claim insurance money. This deed...... Read More

Palms going for ‘unneeded’ park

Whatever got into our elected representatives and their overpaid minions in TCC to desecrate the centre of our village (The Mount) by removing most of the old majestic phoenix palms and the central car parking area? They are replacing these with a much...... Read More

Spend now, pay dearly later?

After Long Term Plan considerations by Tauranga City councillors the trusty old rubber stamp was added last week. It appears rates will increase some three to 20 per cent per annum depending how lucky/unlucky you are over three years. Desperate councillors...... Read More

Traffic tribulations

Traffic issues abound in Tauranga generally because every time NZTA and TCC get involved, it becomes an expensive, time-consuming, unmitigated disaster! The two-lane Welcome Bay underpass is a pitiful 120m in length yet has taken four plus years, costing...... Read More

We are all New Zealanders

It should be obvious to even the least mentally astute politician, public official or local councillor that, as indicated by the results of the five recent regional polls on establishing Maori wards, the majority of the population is against racially-based...... Read More

Thanks to volunteers

In celebration of National Volunteer Awareness Week recently I would like to thank all Tauranga Heart Foundation volunteers who work so hard to support our mission to stop New Zealanders dying prematurely of New Zealand’s single biggest killer,...... Read More