Letters to the Editor

The Weekend Sun welcomes letters and photographs from readers. Preference will be given to letters that are short (200 words maximum), supplied with the writer’s full name and contact details. Photographs are best in high resolution and jpg format. Email: letters@thesun.co.nz

Substandard recycling

My husband and I recently shifted from Auckland to Tauranga. We were appalled at the lack of recycling here. You don’t take plastic recycling bags. The... Read More

Free speech at risk

With the action taken to take down the video of the Christchurch gunman’s massacre, there are already strong signs that Jacinda’s efforts are... Read More

Better the dopey you know

Nominations have opened for council [elections] and may someone have mercy on the ratepayers. If you are one of the minority who will vote you should... Read More

Road funding

How can this Government govern responsibly when it takes $5 billion from State Highway funding to fund some dubious rail project in Auckland? Worth remembering... Read More

Other option

15th Ave already has a second lane, 14th Avenue, so the whole exercise ($4million), will achieve nothing. The traffic lights at Burrows St will stay red... Read More

Blowing Smoke

I am incredulous with the nonsense councillor Morris is currently spouting, firstly trying to defend the obscene Mount track repair costs then moving on... Read More

CBD story

Who paid Peter Kageyama? What utter rubbish he is once again talking. Tauranga is not and never has been a tourist town and the CBD desperately needs more... Read More

Activate Old Solutions

Your recent issue had a couple of articles around bone joints and arthritis. A subject that affects most people over the age of 45-50, however discussions... Read More

First flight

Regarding the controversy about who flew first there is one element overlooked by all including Richard Pearse himself that while seemingly minor is in... Read More

The benefits of Tai chi

People of all abilities are attracted to the graceful, low impact activity with good health outcomes. The most consistent initial change in students is... Read More

Climate change is a fact

Rob Colmore (The Weekend Sun, July 19) accuses me of being “alarmist” with “no scientific evidence to back up [my] insults”.  If... Read More

Thank you Spark

What a very fine example of a company Spark is as they have actually listened to, we, the people. The proposed move to try and build their towers on council-owned... Read More

Netballers deserve more

Under-paid - and even unpaid in some cases - I understand. Our netballers – world beaters, what stars, what gracious winners, what a wonderful advertisement... Read More

Praise for ED

I am one of those egotistical persons who writes letters to the papers on local, national and international politics. To give the ignorant readers the... Read More

Shuttle volunteers

The St John Health Shuttle will celebrate 20 years of service to Tauranga. Twenty-six drivers have the privilege of getting people to appointments on time,... Read More