Letters to the Editor

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Not asking for much

I remember very well last December when the time table and bus routes were changed. What were they thinking! Not happy at all I live off Oceanbeach Rd... Read More

Our young people, our future

I was impressed to hear young activists talking so eloquently and passionately about climate change policy down at The Strand. There were many students... Read More

Mosaics missing from walk

Thank you for the great story about the downtown Art Trail, but I want to draw your attention to all the mosaic tile pictures along the pavements which... Read More

Protect us from gunpowder

So, Countdown is stopping the sale of fireworks because they care for animals and the environment. Finally. If only the politicians would pick up on the... Read More

Tears of sadness or laughter?

Do I laugh or cry at the full page 'Councillor rating' undertaken by Max Mason, a one trimester Councillor who has been cycling around Australia... Read More

This glacier is growing

Wesley Parish’s letter (The Weekend Sun, September 27, 2019, pg 57) says “glaciers are melting faster than [scientists’] models predicted”.   They... Read More

Climate change policy is nonsense

Until I see youngsters walking around with their eyes open instead of glued to their mobile phones, riding pushbikes or walking to school and not dropping... Read More

Hand over the keys

How long can this circus continue? I am not talking about the one from Moscow in town at the moment. I am talking about the circus some are calling The... Read More

Still waiting at the bus stop

Is it any wonder that there’s been a 13 per cent drop in the number of Mount people using the buses. It’s impossible to get anywhere now! I... Read More

The recognition they need

As co-founders of the Omokoroa Tennis Courts, we spent five frustrating but challenging years trying to get WBOP Council approval to what we saw as an... Read More

Cannabis nonsense

I read an interesting article about an Auckland legal academic who is promoting the legalisation of cannabis using a flawed rationale. She estimated there... Read More

Shiny, clean thanks

I for one would like to say thank you to the cleaners that help keep our world tidy and hygenic. When I read the story ‘Humanity behind the grime’... Read More

Shotgun Marriage

It’s been agonising sitting through three council meetings over the past few weeks watching democracy in inaction, elected members changing their... Read More

Rates increases

So here we go again with prospective candidates standing for local election promising that they will strive for lower – whatever that means –... Read More

The Elms

At the TCC meeting (Tuesday, September 17) Council voted to defer their (earlier) decision, to gift 11 Mission St to the Otamataha Trust on legal procedural... Read More