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Parking woes at Pilot Bay

On a recent busy Saturday morning, there were four cars/utes and jet-ski trailers parked along Pilot bay. Two more parked up, removed their jet-skis and moved their vehicles immediately, which was appreciated. There is a boat ramp at The Mount end of...... Read More

New bus blues

I wish to add my strongest protest to the other commuters who are currently trying to use the bus services in Tauranga. This ‘new’ service plan for the buses, planned by so-called ‘experts, is a complete abomination and it has been...... Read More

Dictionaries outdated

G. Parker and P. Hickling (The Weekend Sun, February 1) are using outdated dictionary meanings of the word indigenous. It is now common scientific knowledge that the whole world was populated by human migration starting from Africa about 100,000 years...... Read More

Parking permit problems

In response to the letter ‘Parking fine a joke’ (The Weekend Sun, February 1), I transport people with physical disabilities to shopping malls around the city every week. There is generally always someone without a disability permit using...... Read More

School bus frustration

Following the article in last week’s Weekend Sun about the free bus from Welcome Bay for kids returning to school, we are part of that bus route but live on 11th Avenue and have children that attend Bethlehem College.   We arrived for...... Read More

Black Caps capitulation

The Black Caps’ problem seems to be the size of their heads and their inflated egos - they even believe their own claptrap. They were like headless chooks in the fifth one day international game last Sunday, snatching yet another defeat out of the...... Read More

Rats relish rubbish no-show

Since January 1, Tauranga City Council has not collected the rubbish on Nicolas Place, Judea. On two occasions, it has been left to sit in the hot, hot sun. These are council-paid bags sitting in the street’s gutters for two weeks, and the cats...... Read More

Green space?

In a January 25 SunLive article, journalist Sam Thompson outlined Councillor Leanne Brown’s attempt to set the record straight about the Phoenix Park development. She addressed some of the misconceptions about the development, saying: “It...... Read More

A change of supplier

With reference to K Mathews’ letter (Weekend Sun, January 25), I agree with the expressed sentiments, but my experience led me to change my supplier.   I was offered a one-off discount of $150 if I changed, and was promised that the KW rate...... Read More

Disabled parking

I note on Tauranga City Council’s website that the penalty for parking in a disabled carpark illegally is $150. What an absolute joke! I had the misfortune to drive down Devonport Road to park in the disabled carpark outside Glassons and the Rialto...... Read More