Letters to the Editor

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Interestingly confusing

Mr R. Paterson’s letter (The Weekend Sun, March 22) was indeed interesting to read, but very confusing. Sir, you’re obviously a man of intelligence... Read More

Supporting clean, safe methods

Okay, let’s get one thing straight – we will never, ever get rid of rats, mice and stoats from mainland Aotearoa. So why waste valuable resources... Read More

Who benefits?

Thank you for your heart-wrenching but heart-warming story on Esther Richards (Dark news drives need for end of life campaign, The Weekend Sun, March 29). I... Read More

PM went too far

P. Kelly (The Weekend Sun, March 22) makes a valid point regarding the Christchurch massacre. The gunman was not from New Zealand, so this should not cause... Read More

Guns and goofs

Legislation effectively banning military-style assault rifles, including modifications and severely limiting ELicences, was long overdue. Now institute... Read More

Viva the state

The “socialist lefties” come in for a lot of bad press, being blamed for the erosion of the traditional New Zealand way of life. I would proffer... Read More

White privilege

As an 88-year-old pensioner of the group frequently vilified by some ethnic and pseudo-liberal groups as ‘male, pale and stale’, the only white... Read More

Take a step back

I agree with Rogers Rabbits about the hurried way that the PM is pushing through gun control laws, and the others that will follow. A time has been created... Read More

Which NZ are you referring to?

P. Kelly is jolly worried! Apparently, the “traditional NZ way of life” is being “watered” down by “socialist lefties”... Read More

Echos of Fraser Anning

P. Kelly is concerned that our Prime Minister dressed like a Muslim woman in the aftermath of the Christchurch Mosque killings (The Weekend Sun. March... Read More

Polite and respectful

I must confess to being a bit confused by P Kelly’s letter in The Weekend Sun (March 22). So Jacinda wore a head scarf when visiting the Muslim... Read More

Overcoming those who divide us

It’s been suggested (among other things) that our Prime Minister’s visit to Christchurch “dressed like a Muslim woman” was a knee-jerk... Read More

Answering ‘negative rant’

In response to “They are barking up the wrong tree” (Rogers Rabbits, March 22), I have always enjoyed your politically incorrect writings until... Read More

Gun laws contentious

I would like to comment on Rogers Rabbits’ article in The Weekend Sun (March 22). I am so glad that, at last, someone stood up to bring us back to... Read More

Knee-jerk reaction

Rogers’ ‘rabbiting’ last week was absolutely correct. The media are hell-bent on making Kiwis feel guilty of the terrible atrocity in... Read More