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Hub site win-win

R Paterson (The Weekend Sun, May 11) wrote "Hey, get TECT to give us their Hub monument at the Historic Village which is where any modest museum should be anyway." I totally agree and that is virtually what I said in my very brief (under three minutes)...... Read More

This is democracy

Councillor Larry Baldock is calling for another vote on the proposed museum due to the low number of votes cast, which he has called “the baby referendum”. Mr Baldock considers 30 per cent turnout of eligible voters to be undemocratic. The...... Read More

Combine museum with art gallery

I, like many others, do not want a museum in Tauranga until all core services are at a respectable level to what other councils offer. In the voting, I ticked no for a museum, but I did tick a location, because in the event of there being more yes votes...... Read More

Charity begins at home

I never thought I would agree with Simon Bridges, but he is right when he says charity begins at home. $900 million to the islands, but paying St John the $70 million they need to operate is too much. Winston First has suddenly decided that our tax money...... Read More

Everyone deserves to be pain-free

On April 30 an item on the midday news covered the legalisation of medicinal marijuana. Guess what the medical profession came out with? The same tired old “there will need to be much research done”, or words to that effect. Ask around and...... Read More

Drug users should pay

The government needs to do more to stop people using methamphetamine. Really? And how will they do that? Using it is a personal choice. Our border patrols and Customs are stopping this stuff at our borders, seizing humungous amounts before it gets to...... Read More

Senior abuse in rest home case

It has recently been reported in the media that in 2016 a 95-year-old resident of the Mary Shapley Care Home in Whakatane was required to occupy a recliner chair for 24 days, day and night, taking all her meals in lazy-boy-type chair. Due to her health...... Read More

Experiment with free transport

One has to feel for Aucklanders. All that extra money they are going to pay and probably little to show for it at the end. Some years ago Barcelona had the same traffic problems and some enlightened people decided to experiment with free transport for...... Read More

Solar power alternative option

On a recent rail trip through southern England I noted that many of the towns had fields of solar panels on their outskirts. I mentioned this to my daughter, a teacher in south London, and was told that her school had panels on all the classrooms...... Read More

Living as one under the sun

If our forefathers made an agreement 178 years ago and over the next 50 years haven’t honoured it that is their sin, not ours. New Zealand has come a long way, with people of many colours, races, and creeds. Now is not the time to right what some...... Read More