Letters to the Editor

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11 Mission Street rort

So, Tauranga Council with obscene haste almost before the inauguration ink was dry have rescinded their September 24, 2019, decision reneging on Council’s... Read More

Take a bow

Re: W Fairview’s letter (The Weekend Sun, December 20, page 28). Good on you for looking at the positive side of a negative situation. I’m... Read More

Take comfort from support

Stand firm Andrew Hollis, do not let anyone intimidate you. You are entitled to your views, just as they are entitled to theirs. Take comfort in the... Read More

Here’s a challenge.

Instead of complaining about the rubbish on our streets – and there’s more and more of it as this city expands – take control of the... Read More

Ihumato debate

I was disgusted to read that Fletchers are spending $60,000 per month for security on their property which is being illegally occupied. This is a spat... Read More

Our forestry industry

Additional to Clayton Mitchell’s comments regarding our forestry industry is its role in combating climate change (The Weekend Sun, December 13,... Read More


I must ask Chris Teo Sherrell: “what planet are you on?” after reading your article (The Weekend Sun, December 13, page 45). Separate lane... Read More

Cannot comprehend

As a long-time resident of Hayes Avenue I find it hard to fathom how 82 complaints from one person can compromise the future of the Greerton Community... Read More

Not one size fits all

Like D Dawson in Tauranga (The Weekend Sun, December 13, page 39) I was very disappointed in the latest waste disposal survey. This survey has all the... Read More


Why is Council taking the childish demands and tantrums of someone who missed out being voted on to council so seriously? Buddy Mikaere had the same chance... Read More

History lesson

It pleases that the ‘Crusaders’ have not given in to the chattering classes and the ‘woke’, whom it seems have little knowledge... Read More

Be the better person

Waihi to Tauranga and back again – she’s a pretty scary trip some days and sadly, deadly on others. There’s been a lot of negativity... Read More

Thanks to the emergency services

This festive season, while we are sitting down to eat our feast with our friends and family, laughing and enjoying just taking a break, let’s spare... Read More

Rights, equality and fairness

Ms Murray-Benge’s recent personal disappointments and sense of ‘unfair play’ may have clouded her perceptions of fairness, rights, equality,... Read More