Letters to the Editor

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On a bandwagon

Once again Robin Bell is ‘on the bandwagon’ regarding race relations (The Weekend Sun, August 23). He lambastes both Don Brash and Margaret... Read More

Climate change

I saw the printed letters about climate change being cyclic. It brought memories of what my history teacher (in 1962) said about Roman Britain. He was... Read More

Omokoroa College

The problems facing school/college overcrowding and the continuing future problems all around the Bay all comes back, in my opinion, to a total lack of... Read More

Remove the tax

The Government is dealing a killing blow to many retirees who will be unable to pay their rates after the interest on their life savings is reduced to... Read More


It was a sad indictment on our so-called ‘enlightened’ society of Aotearoa to hear that our MPs passed the first stage of the bill aiming to... Read More

Poor recycling

I agree with Yvonne Field regarding the Tauranga City Council's poor recycling record. Tauranga is in the bottom three in New Zealand as far as recycling... Read More

Sea level rise

To answer Peter Otway (The Weekend Sun, August 16) as to where I got the three metres sea level rise from, it came from articles I read 20 to 30 years... Read More

Unacceptable views

The current controversy around Western Bay mayoral candidate Ms Margaret Murray- Benge highlights a disturbing association she has with Dr Don Brash and... Read More

Poorly portrayed

Regarding Margaret Murray-Benge’s reply to a [Stuff.co.nz article August 9] article of what she said. It was poorly written and I ask why do white... Read More

All hot air

In the news, more accidents are caused by wind these days. What a load of nonsense. These people who put out such statistics forget about population growth.... Read More

Prison votes

The furore and nonsense over this nonsense defies belief! The felons are locked up for anti-social behavior so why should they enjoy any benefit of society’s... Read More

Abortion bill

Little, Adams and others responsible for introducing this Abortion Bill are deceitful in justifying this Bill in terms of removing abortion from the Crimes... Read More

Voting rights

If, as the Waitangi Tribunal states, the loss of prisoners’ rights to vote would disproportionately affect Maori then the Tribunal should endeavour... Read More

Make it affordable

We have made use of the WBOP recycling facility since its inception in 2005, when we were supplied with a small green bin and paid an annual fee of $15. With... Read More

Sea level rise

John Fairburn (The Weekend Sun, August 9) is correct on just one point: Rob Colmore and I “disagree sharply”:  I believe in the basic... Read More