Please spend your money wisely Air NZ!

News of Air NZ’s choosing a designer for its new cabin crew uniform is inappropriate and insensitive in these high-cost-of-living times. I mean really? Are you kidding me?

Flights price are really high domestically and overseas, and to spend a whopping amount of cash on uniforms and designers is uncalled for. I’d rather the price of flights came down.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for Air NZ spending cash on operating and maintenance of aircrafts and associated safety measures, and yes marketing is a must – but currently demand of travel is rcoketing worldwide – and so are the prices.

So spend your money wisely Air NZ!

This reminds me of a certain supermarket spending a big dosh of cash on rebranding back to their former names – while prices of food in their aisles are sky-high. Just bad timing.

In a few years, yes change the uniforms – but not right now.

It’s going to put off potential customers when they have to spend two weeks or more worth of wages flying from the North Island to the south.

K Morland, Katikati.


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