Two parts to any story...

Re: ‘Tauranga Stands at a crossroads' column
by Priority One's outgoing independent chair Simon Clarke.
Simon Clarke reflects on his 12 years with Priority One (The Weekend Sun, September 22) and looks back with pride on his achievements.
He also mentions that Tauranga has thrived under the government-appointed Commissioners and the avoidance of petty politics that plagued the previous council. Obviously there are two parts to any story. If you view the roadworks fiasco that has occurred along Cameron Rd during the past two years, which still looks like a war zone, plus the Tauranga main street shopping area, which is now a ghost town with substantial number of shops for lease, that is hardly something to be proud of.
Behind this, of course, is the number of people who have lost their livelihoods due to the intransigence of Priority One and the appointed councillors on their failure on these two issues.
Mr Clarke is obviously not a fan of democracy either. Democracy is not perfect, but it is still a much better option for the local people have their say through elected councillors, rather than the current mandated Committee that we have no control over.

David Hallett, Mount Maunganui.
*Priority One did not respond when The Sun approached them for a reply.

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