Really so urgent?

Re: ‘No Care or Consideration?' letter by Noel Hewitt on page 22, The Weekend Sun, September 29, 2023, with reply from Tauranga City Council's acting Transport Network Operations manager Richard Eaton.

As I amble and ramble through my septuagenarian years, I often read and/or write letters to the newspaper.

The replies to my letters and others that I have seen from various councils as I have travelled the globe often border on the inane, insane and obfuscated (IIO).

The reply by council's acting manager transport network operations Richard Eaton to Noel Hewlett's letter regarding being woken up at 4.30am by an angle grinder being used on a light pole by a council contractor would, if it had been part of the latest Rugby League awards, have scored maximum point on the IIO scale and would surely have won the Dally M medal.

Does Mr Eaton seriously believe that we the public believe that a decision was so urgently made that work was required to start at 4.30am?

Perhaps to clarify and justify his position, Mr Eaton or the council could release the work order pertaining to this job so that we may see the truth of the matter.

R Sapwell, Bethlehem.

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