Support for mums opens new chapter

A New Zealand-wide charitable organisation with a focus on lending new mums a helping hand are welcoming in the Tauranga community with their newest chapter.

Loved 4 Life reaches out to families in local communities after the birth of a new baby to show them that they are loved and supported – especially to those families who find themselves alone with loved ones living far away.

With three chapters already in the Bay of Plenty, and a vastly growing city, Loved 4 Life Tauranga has been born.

Cathy Taylor started the Ōmokoroa chapter in 2017, and has since gifted homemade quilts, woollen garments, blankets and a home-cooked meal to almost 100 families locally.

With more new mums wanting to join Loved 4 Life, she decided to reach out to the community, rallying for people who’d like to join the cause.

Tauranga residents Sue Hutchison and Sherry Bennet both leaped at the opportunity to be a part of something positive, and have since been working hard in order to give local mums the help they deserve.

Sue, who has always worked in early childhood, says the idea of new mums being well supported is really important to her. “The most common misconception is new mums thinking they have to do it on their own.

“Everything looks perfect on Instagram. The house is clean and tidy, the babies are asleep, but the reality is quite different,” says Sue.

“Having a fragile newborn that you’re responsible for is a huge challenge. It might be natural to give birth and to raise a child, but it’s a huge learning curve, for everyone.

“If you’ve done it before it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easier the next time either,” says Sue.

“It might just be that you’re exhausted and you might need someone to come in and help fold the washing.”

Sherry says being a part of Loved 4 Life is fulfilling.  “We’re really looking forward to this next chapter, and to just giving new mums support.”

Sherry says Loved 4 Life Tauranga has no mums just yet. “We are ready right now to take on new mums; we are ready to go.

“We also have several excellent volunteers who love making quilts and knits for the newborns.

“If there is anyone out there in community who lives in our area, we’re happy to meet with them and go from there. The same goes for anyone who would like to volunteer.

“It’s a lovely thing to do for the community.”

To be part of Loved 4 Life Tauranga – whether for yourself, a loved one, or you’re interested in volunteering – contact Sherry on 0211883536 or Sue on 0223176329.

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