Uffindell targets gang convoys on first day as MP

Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell with his first Member’s Bill. Photo: Supplied.

National’s new MP for Tauranga Sam Uffindell submitted his first Member’s Bill, which aims to prevent gang convoys in the city, just minutes after being sworn in at Parliament on Tuesday.

“Gang convoys are far too prevalent on Tauranga’s streets and Police need more powers to deter this kind of behaviour,” says Uffindell.

“The public shouldn’t have to put up with road restrictions and intimidation because gang members feel they can operate with impunity.”

Uffindell says his Member’s Bill will give Police the power to issue on-the-spot $500 fines and instantly impound the vehicles of gang members travelling in convoys for 28 days.

“Many vehicles involved are purchased through the proceeds of crime, and videos of the convoys become important recruitment tools for the gangs,” says Uffindell.

“Given that gang membership is up by 40 per cent under the Labour Government, this recruitment drive is clearly effective.

“Labour is good at making announcements, but its MPs have shown they are incapable of actually delivering. Their soft-on-crime approach is making Kiwis less safe.”

Uffindell says it’s time that Labour gets serious about crime.

“And supporting my Land Transport (Prohibition on Gang Convoys) Amendment Bill would be a good start.

“Submitting this Bill on the day of my swearing-in was a by-election promise I am proud to deliver," says Uffindell.

"I will continue to back our Police and work towards improving the safety of the people of Tauranga and Kiwis across New Zealand.”



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