Watching your water usage this summer

The beach or the pool are great ways to cool off and entertain the kids during these hot, humid days!

Thank you, Tauranga, for following the Water Watchers Plan and making every drop count.

With the hot humid weather in full swing, Tauranga City Council is asking you to continue to be mindful of your water use, while finding ways to stay cool.

The beach or the pool are great ways to cool off and entertain the kids on these hot days.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, Tauranga City Council water services team leader: water education programmes Hannah Sherratt has some top tips for keeping the water fresh and clean.

“Keep the pump on and regularly dose the pool with chlorine,” says Hannah.

“Checking the pool’s pH level on a regular basis keeps the water good for swimming, rather than needing to refill it from scratch.

“A pool cover is a great investment as covering the pool can prevent 97 per cent of the water from evaporating, so you don’t need to top it up as often.

"It also keeps leaves and debris from falling into it.”

Please remember, as a pool owner you have many responsibilities to ensure your pool is safe for those who use it.

One of those responsibilities is ensuring your swimming pool has an appropriate pool safety barrier.

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