Musician needs help to get life-saving treatment

Chris Robinson has been performing on the local music scene since 2013. Photo: supplied.

An online fundraising page has been set up for the community to support a Tauranga musician who is battling cancer and is trying to get the United Kingdom for treatment.

Chris Robinson was diagnosed with stage three colorectal cancer last June – nearly 12 months later his best bet to beat the illness is to head to the other side of the world.

Chris says New Zealand does offer the colorectal cancer chemotherapy he needs – but it would be at a greater price than travelling overseas to receive it, as it would not be funded here in Aotearoa.

“It will be more affordable to go to the UK as these treatments are funded there,” says Chris.

“My father is a British national and I’m able to get my citizenship.”

As such Chris’ good friend Austin Cunningham suggested creating a Givealittle page to raise funds to enable Chris to get treated in the UK. Austin says money raised will go towards treatment “and other amenities including airfares, transport and medical costs”.

Chris Robinson has stage three colorectal cancer. Photo: supplied.

Many Tauranga residents will know of Chris, who has been performing on the local music scene since 2013.

“I’ve done lots of local gigs in Tauranga including festivals like Loserpalooza and Woodcock,” says the 42-year-old.

“[I] Even branched out to Auckland and Wellington with all my bands, which also included Hard Throb and Slob.

“My greatest achievement is possibly the Tauranga Music Sux show, which I conceived with Austin... [We] were doing regular YouTube shows documenting the Tauranga punk scene.”

With his father a talented guitarist, this inspired Chris to follow in his footsteps.

“I started getting into music from a young age.

"My mother bought me a guitar and that sparked my interest in learning more about playing.

“When I was a teenager I picked it up again as I got heavily inspired by classic rock.

“I’ve been playing in bands since my early-twenties – both in Wellington and Tauranga.

“I like music that has a message.

"Even if that message is just: ‘I’m just here to have some fun’.

"I’m a part of a band with my fiancé Jessica Eden called ‘Chokeflower’,” says Chris, who has future aspirations to lift Chokeflower off the ground by moving to the UK."

But first, he needs help kicking the big C.

Find out more about Chris’ cancer battle, at:

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