Rock up to a novel Easter hunt!

Five-year-old Isla Mills can’t wait for the Easter Rock Hunt on March 31 at Te Puna Quarry Park. Photo: John Borren.

A Bethlehem woman is taking it upon herself to offer an egg-traordinary Easter hunt to youngsters this Sunday at one of the district’s well-known landmarks.

Jen Andrew has been busy sourcing and hand-painting more than 100 rocks with colourful pictures to hide around Te Puna Quarry Park for an Easter Rock Hunt on March 31.

“The rocks will be hidden the night before once the park is closed.

"I’ll go in and hide everything,” says Jen, who runs her own art business JenStoneNZ on social media.

At 9am on Sunday, March 31, Jen has organised for the Easter bunny to be present – so children can meet the most famous rabbit and receive a balloon.

Then youngsters can hunt the park, looking for the colourful stones that look like painted Easter eggs.

“If they find a rock or rocks they’re welcome to trade them in for a chocolate egg, then I’ll re-hide those rocks for other kids that aren’t lucky enough to find one.

“There’s 125 rocks altogether and other treats and stuff for the kids.”

Jen chose to do the hunt at the Te Puna Quarry Park because it’s a lovely place, there are plenty of places to hide rocks, and it is free entry – which means no one misses out.

“The hunt is 100 per cent organised by myself – from the rock buying, washing, painting, to hiding them, purchasing prizes, the lot,” says Jen.

“The costs all come out of my own pocket.

“The hunts are at a huge financial loss for myself, but you’ve got to see the kids’ faces – it’s so worth it!”

This is Jen’s second Easter-time rock hunt.

“The rocks were collected so quickly that some kids were left disappointed as they didn’t find any.

"I don’t want that happening again!”

To find out more about the Easter Rock Hunt on March 31, see ‘JenStones NZ’ on Facebook.

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