Enter the world of stamp collecting!

Brookfield siblings Jacob Hubbard, 10, and Olivia Hubbard, 12, both enjoy collecting stamps. Photos: Merle Cave.


If you’re a kid who lives in the Bay of Plenty and you’re interested in wild animals, countries, flags, space, birds, flowers, sports, cats, dogs, horses and more, then you will love stamp club!

The Tauranga and District Stamp Club has a junior section offering loads of fun activities to do with stamps – so why not go along?

The club’s next stamp fair in Tauranga is on Saturday, June 15, at Wesley Church Hall, 100 Thirteenth Ave, from 9am-3pm.

Brookfield siblings Jacob Hubbard, 10, and sister Olivia Hubbard, 12, are both members of the Tauranga and District Stamp Club.

They love being part of the club, which offers them regular newsletters with interesting stories, games, competitions, jokes and puzzles. They can also attend the club’s stamp fairs to add to their collections.

“We read about the club in the newspaper then we went ‘Hmmm’ because our mum collects lots of stamps. She has tons. So we went along and we liked it!”

Jacob has been a club member for one year – now Olivia has joined too.

Jacob likes stamps that show countries. “I just think they’re cool!”

He also loves football theme stamps, as he plays the game at weekends.

“He has so many football stamps – now he’s got rugby ones too,” says mum Sarah.

“And,” interjects Jacob. “I have one stamp of two hands shaking – what I like about it is that the ink on the stamp is shaped in Olympic rings! So you can see the five Olympic rings.”

Meanwhile, Olivia likes stamps of animals.

“I like seeing different animals from different countries. For example, if stamps are from Africa you could get zebras or Lions – but if they’re from Australia you could get koalas and kangaroos.”

Jacob and Olivia collect stamps from the free kids’ booth at their club’s stamp fairs – and from their grandparents in America.

“Grandma and Pop-pop live all the way in America so they send us letters with stamps – they’ve been sending us old stamps too!” says Jacob.

“And we also get to pick stamps at stamp club, then cut them out and put them in our folders.”

Tauranga and District Stamp Club’s David Stafford says the junior section always has lots of stamps for youngsters to choose from.

“There are starter packs and albums available to enable you to start your collection.

“You can also be creative with stamps and use them for fabulous stamp art and mosaic work. Come and have a go. At our fair this month we will have a competition and ‘lucky dip’ for everyone who attends.”

David says stamp collecting is a great holiday activity or a wet day project when you’re looking for something to keep busy.

“You can learn so much from collecting stamps – so much history and knowledge. So please come and see if stamp collecting might interest you.

“Our club’s stamp fair on June 15 will have an area set up especially for juniors. Everyone is welcome. See you at the stamp fair!”


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