Tauranga netball swaps Blake Park for Baypark

Tauranga Netball Centre’s Maree Body, Tania Walters, Nicki Compton, Paula Vickers and Tracey Walters can’t wait for the move to Baypark. Photo: John Borren.

Tauranga Netball Centre is on the move to Baypark after residing at Mount Maunganui’s Blake Park for more than 40 years.

The move was given the green light at a Tauranga Netball Centre special general meeting on June 10 – which gave delegates the chance to opt to move to Baypark or stay put at Blake Park.

Attended by about 100 people, the SGM required at least 51 per cent of members to vote in favour of relocation. With the delegates present, this amounted to 182 voters.

Board chair Nicki Compton says 85.7 per cent of delegates voted ‘Yes’ to relocate, while 26 people voted ‘No’ to stay put at Blake Park.


Nicki says the successful vote for a relocation of TNC is a great opportunity for the centre to grow. Currently TNC has around 6000 members and it continues to expand. “We’ve basically outgrown our facilities and 19 courts at Blake Park.

“At the moment we operate six days a week just to fit everyone in. It was going to take a huge investment to refurbish our building, resurface courts and put in new lights. We’re really happy that the council have seen it as a sport that needs assistance and that’s growing.”

Nicki says the design of the new facility will initially have 23 courts to play, with provision to have an extra six courts built in future.

“We are really positive and excited about having more courts, a new building and better parking.”

She believes the relocation to the brand-new facilities at Baypark is likely to go ahead in June 2026, meaning courts should be ready for action mid-season 2026.

This project is part of Tauranga City Council’s Long-Term Plan.

“As part of our city-wide plan to improve sports facilities and reserves to support our growing population, Tauranga Netball Centre will be moving from Blake Park to Baypark,” says a council spokesperson.

2026 relocation 

“We are actively working with Tauranga Netball on their relocation. This collaboration currently includes detailed design work for the courts and buildings, with the project on track for netball to be relocated in 2026.

“This will enable us to create a multi-use community sports and recreation hub for the Tauranga community.”

According to council, Baypark will feature facilities for netball, other court sports, athletics, speedway, gymnastics, and roller sports, as well as dedicated green spaces and walkways as part of its key reserve masterplans, which are detailed at: https://letstalk.tauranga.govt.nz/projects/proposed-baypark-optimisation

TECT chief executive Wayne Werder confirms that TECT has approved $2 million of funding towards the relocation of Tauranga Netball Centre.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to support the growth and development of grassroots netball and to future-proof the sport by providing more fit-for-purpose facilities.”

Nicki says “as an organisation we are really excited and positive about it and looking forward to our new home at Baypark”.

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