Past and present parry blows over the byways

He is the Transport Minister. And he was the Transport Minister. And the two men have this week been toe-to-toe trading political blows over whether the region’s major roading projects have deliberately stalled.  Simon Bridges, Transport...... Read More

Loans granted for Tauranga infrastructure upgrade

A high demand for housing in Tauranga and a desire to avoid the housing crisis that has plagued Auckland has seen $158 million of government loans granted to Tauranga City Council to support major infrastructure projects. The funding was announced...... Read More

Gift from best ever to worst ever

It’s been described as musical glue – the tunes, beats, jams and sounds that bind friendships. It was Becs’ idea. “My best friend moved from the other side of town to the other end of the island. Neither of us were flush with...... Read More

The pearl of the Indian Ocean

A smiling sun all year round, golden beaches, and ancient cities, Sri Lanka encompasses colour and diversity. However, if you don’t have a wad of cash tucked away in your back pocket to visit this elegant island, Living in Harmony’s cultural...... Read More

Local students succeeding for life

Do you know how to cook? Do you understand the tax system? Could you grow a garden from scratch? They are life skills that plenty of adults are unable to put their hand up to, but a group of students at Bethlehem College are ticking them off one by...... Read More

Singing songs to buy good books

He could have just hung up the ‘gone fishing’ sign when he retired from his mechanic’s shop. Or pottered off to the golf club. Or moseyed around in the garden. But John Moore’s retirement was pre-destined. “A bloke...... Read More

Community fridge: reduce waste and feed the hungry

Apparently, our fridge can tell us a lot about our health, our lifestyle, how we socialise, how we appear and even how well-read we are. For the Vector Group Charitable Trust, it’s far less complicated. It wants to set up a community fridge in...... Read More

Women on wheels

They’re three entirely different women with one common thread – a love of what they do. Three Tauranga skaters of all different ages and skill-levels have qualified for the nation’s most prestigious meet, the NZ Artistic Roller Sports...... Read More

New bus ticketing system delayed

A new electronic ticketing system for Bay of Plenty buses has been delayed until the end of the year. Bay of Plenty Regional Council is one of nine New Zealand councils that have joined together in a consortium to introduce the new cross-boundary ticketing...... Read More

Nine-year-old wows The Citz Club

He was the youngest in the Tauranga Citz Club on Thursday night by several decades – probably a couple of generations. But there he was in his formals; the crisp white shirt, spiffy bow tie and monogrammed waist coat. He had pulled in the punters...... Read More