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Lights go on in Wharf Street

  At the time, the grand vision was for a pedestrian friendly eat street - “a place to meet, dine, relax, engage, be inspired and relax,... Read More

Penguins, waterfalls and myrtles

  Nature needs us, and now is the time for Bay of Plenty to take action, says local DOC Community Ranger Nataalia Lunson.   For anyone wanting... Read More

The Elms wins NZ Trust of the Year award

  Chairperson Ian Thomas was surprised to hear The Elms Foundation Trust has been awarded the 2018 Trust of the Year award by the NZ Trustees Association.   “It... Read More

Festival director passing the baton

  Tauranga Arts Festival, which opens on October 24, is seeking a director for events from 2020 with the news that Jo Bond is stepping down after... Read More

Celebrating autumn in spring

  It’s called cai wei - a traditional Chinese dance, with its vibrant long-sleeved costumes, slow elegant stylised movements imitating the... Read More

Gumboots, embroidery and Dracula

  Bran Castle - not everyone’s destination of choice – home of the fanged vampire, Transylvanian Count Dracula, in the cold brooding... Read More

Disability trust grills candidates

  A local trust is calling on the disabled community in Tauranga to make their voices heard at an upcoming mayoral candidate forum.   Western... Read More

Celebrate Conservation Week

  Did you know we have an amazing forest – the Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park right on our doorstep here in the Western Bay of Plenty? Never... Read More

Get your head around this

  Artificial intelligence isn’t about to completely take over from humans anytime soon but it pays to be prepared.   Dale Carnegie... Read More

Big stinks hangs over Mount

  Is the jewel in Tauranga’s crown turning whiffy? Is Mount Maunganui becoming Mount Manky?   Even a local real estate agent reportedly... Read More

Cutting loose at 78

  What do you buy a 78-year-old, who has everything, for his birthday?   Jim Madgwick’s got something he has hankered after all his... Read More