Success for youth development team

Urban Dance put on a dance demonstration at the Tauranga Youth Development Team’s ‘100% Summer’ programme at Arataki Park recently

The Tauranga Youth Development Team has enjoyed another summer of delivering successful youth events, including activities at the Under-19 Cricket World Cup and spreading its wings to include a Night Owl Cinema screening at Waihi Beach.

The ‘100% Summer’ programme has been running for the past five years, offering outdoor cinema and activities in local parks including parkour, basketball, cricket, volleyball, giant games, art workshops and dance demonstrations, as well as competitions and giveaways.

TYDT general manager Becks Clarke says the 15 events that made up the programme last month, from Waihi Beach to Maketu, were all well-attended.

“The team put a lot of effort into it, with good uptake and attendance,” says Becks. “Being able to get into different areas was really positive for us.

“With additional support, and the more people who hear about it, each year we seem to be able to add on a few more neighbourhoods or locations.”

Holding events at the Under-19 Cricket World Cup was also a highlight this year, says Becks.

The non-profit organisation ran a campaign alongside the programme called ‘What about you?’ to encourage people under the age of 18 not to drink alcohol.

“Some of the giveaways and support around that was really positive, with young people embracing the message and the importance of not drinking until they are 18.”

TYDT is currently in the process of developing a ‘100% Winter Youth Festival’ from July to September, which will include activities such as movies, gaming and snow activities.

The team will also be delivering events in local schools during Youth Week from May 19-27, which also incorporates New Zealand Music Month and New Zealand Techweek.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events on the Tauranga Youth Development Team Facebook page.