Quick facts for the by-elections

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This by-election covers the extraordinary vacancy for one Tauranga City councillor elected at-large.

The vacancy has arisen from the recent death of Councillor Gail McIntosh. There are 20 candidates running for the position including: MJ Moses, Tony Christiansen, Gillian Cook, Robert Curtis, Rosie Dawson-Hewes, Bill Faulkner, Lester Gray, Murray Guy, Talia Harvey, Yvette Lamare, Zeepra Lemoto, Buddy Mikaere, Sheldon Nesdale, Douglas Owens, Anne Pankhurst, Andrew Ragg, John Robson, Peter Stanley, David Tank and Mark Wassung.

Also we are being asked in a non-binding referendum to vote if we want a museum and if you do, your preference on where you would like it, either on Cliff Road or Willow Street

The by-election will be conducted by postal voting using the First Past the Post (FPP) voting system.

You can vote by post or in person at the TCC Customer Contact Centre, 91 Willow Street or at your local library up until Tuesday May 1, 2018 at 12 noon. Preliminary results to be available in the afternoon on May 1.

Salaries for members of Tauranga City Council from July 1, 2017 as set by the Remuneration Authority for a councillor position is $72,155 per annum. The winner will be sworn in on Monday, May 7, 2018.

The full job description of the at-large councillor role is available through the Electoral office.

The Electoral Officer for this by-election is Warwick Lampp. Warwick is based in Tauranga and works for election management company electionz.com Ltd, phone 0800 666 928 or 021 498 517, email iro@electionz.com

The Deputy Electoral Officer for this by-election is Kirsty Downey. Kirsty is the general manager, Chief Executive Group at the council and can be contacted on 027 839 1531 or email kirsty.downey@tauranga.govt.nz

A video of the SunLive Candidates Debate that was held at the Sun Media offices, No 1 The Strand on Thursday, April 19 is available to view on the SunLive website.

If you love our city, make your voice heard and vote today!