Help the change - keep the change

Dan Hughes.

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A poster has been designed for display in Greerton shop windows to encourage people not to give money to street beggars.

Greerton Village retailer Dan Hughes has produced a large yellow poster reading ‘Help the change – keep the change’.

“What we’re trying to do is encourage people who are getting asked for money, to not give it to street begging,” says Dan. “People are obviously worried about homeless people. I think we’re all agreed that people need help.”

Dan has designed the poster to help make the public aware that giving money to a beggar is not always the best way to help, and that local charitable organisations that assist the homeless would benefit from the funds.

“Think about where to send the money to, and send them to places where the homeless can get help,” says Dan.

A small card distributed by Tauranga City Council also encourages the public to help get support to people who beg by calling 0800 BE SAFE (0800 223 7233) so they can be linked to the right support for financial, housing, food and medical assistance.