Giving to those less fortunate

Homebase educator Juliet Little. Photo: Bruce Barnard.

It is the season of giving and that means no one goes without, even our rough sleepers.

Homebase educator Juliet Little is asking the public to contribute just a little bit this year to help out the homeless.

She has spread the message to several local Facebook pages, encouraging people to donate any amount of money to go towards care packages for homeless women and men.

“My children and their parents are helping to put packs together for the women’s refugee, so I wanted to extend on that,” says Juliet.

She says she came up with the idea to make pamper packs for the homeless, because they aren’t fortunate enough to get gifts over Christmas.

“I thought this was a good idea, because they’re still special and people deserve to get gifts no matter what their situation is.”

The pamper packages will include a range of items, such as a towel, face cloth, body lotion, hand cream, lip balm and a box of chocolates.

“They will all be slightly different, but they are something pampering for homeless and make them feel like they are cared for.”

She has plans to give the packs to organisations, such as EmpowerNZ in Te Puke and Kai Aroha, but is open to suggestions depending on the amount that is donated.

“It’s just a small idea that I hope grows, where people can donate as much as they would like to make someone else’s Christmas.”

To donate to the cause go to the Facebook Homeless People Matter.