Sharing the joys of an RV

More Bay of Plenty RV owners are getting on the bandwagon of sharing their RVs.

If you aren’t using your motorhome to its full extent, allowing tourists to experience New Zealand on the road could be your best bet.

Many Bay of Plenty RV owners are now listing their privately-owned motorhomes on a RV sharing site called Mighway, which embraces the sharing economy and the opportunity to create income from assets when not in use.

Due to the vehicles being privately owned, there is great variety on the platform – from retro campers and ultimate surf wagons through to top of the range luxury vehicles.

Motorhomes are located throughout the country, wherever their owners might be, with many available for pick up throughout the Bay of Plenty region.

Jason Nockels, marketing director of Mighway, says supporting regional travel is a key focus for the Mighway team, and local knowledge from users creates a richer experience for travellers.

“These regional pickups encourage travellers to really explore the country, rather than just the main centres,” says Jason.

“We think this is a huge opportunity for Mighway to contribute to local economies.

“The more listings in the Bay of Plenty region, the more visitors pick up from there, with the opportunity for local owners to make their recommendations about places to visit and experiences to enjoy.”

Tauranga motorhome owners Ken and Valda Tyler have rented their motorhome many times through Mighway and say it is a win-win.

“The extra cash is always handy,” they say, “but we enjoy meeting the travellers the most. We have met all kinds of people from New Zealand and around the world.”

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