Staying cool on the road makes sense

The big downside of taking the family on a summer holiday is usually the drive to get to the beach, bach or lake.

So any tips to make the whole process a bit smoother have to be welcome.

Some of the best recent advice from police is perhaps a little left-field, but makes a lot of sense in terms of safe holiday driving on our jam-packed summer roads.

Turn up the music, and chill out.

It’s going to take you longer to get where you’re going, they say, so accept it, take plenty of breaks, plenty of bottled water to keep the family hydrated, and don’t make promises about your arrival time because that just adds to the pressure. 

Taking frequent breaks is a no-brainer, but hydration? Many of us probably wouldn’t think of it, but vehicle air-conditioning – which, let’s face it, we keep on all the time – dries us out pretty quickly. Dehydration is one of the primary causes of angst and irritation in us humans.

The key to staying cool and under control is relaxation, so that’s the reason for making no commitments about your ETA – it’s bound to increase your anxiety levels, especially if you’re the driver.

It’s also the reason it’s a good idea to keep some music playing in the car – just so long as it’s at a reasonable level.

Remember, police are looking out for slow drivers as well as fast ones, so pull over and let the traffic past if a long queue is building up behind you. 

Stay cool, and have a safe and happy holiday motoring season.

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