Little ‘uns win from charity raffle

And the winner is... Hilary Price from Homes of Hope and Classic Builders’ Nathan Watkins.

Put a ring around number 25. It means Karyn Bradford is a winner.

So too are the kids at the childcare centre she runs and the Homes of Hope which is an organisation providing protection, compassionate care and therapeutic support for children who have experienced trauma due to abuse and neglect.

So a whole bunch of little people stand to gain from the pint-sized Classic Builders charity project.

The building company recently down-sized its vision, building an ultimate kids’ playhouse to raffle off for charity. And, when the winner was drawn - number 25 - it was revealed that many, not just one family of children, would get to enjoy the playhouse.

Early childhood teacher Karyn Bradford was the winner and the playhouse will be a star attraction at the childcare centre she runs from home.

Classic Builders charity project netted $4,000 for Homes of Hope. Chief executive Hilary Price is delighted. The dollars are much needed, she says, especially as Homes of Hope is renovating two homes.

“These resources will go to helping create homes that are beautiful, warm, family environments.”

Classic Builders’ Peter Cooney says having a hand in helping grow the Tauranga community brings a lot of pleasure.

“It’s always been a pillar of our business to give back to local charities and support and invest in local initiatives.”

Homes of Hope was “most certainly” a charity worthy of continued support, he says. The local charity works to provide safe, loving homes where brothers and sisters in care together can stay together.

It strives to place children in safe, strong families, in responsive communities, free from abuse, neglect and offending.

“All Kiwis deserve to feel the warmth, security and peace that home brings,” Peter says.

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