Move proves tricky

Breast Cancer Support Service staff Ngarie Laker-Metz, Helen Alice and Jill Forlong outside their current home.

A local charitable trust is in desperate need of a new home and is feeling shaken by the high market price of rentals in the area.

Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga Trust is seeking out a suitable premises to lease because their landlord is selling the property where they are currently based.

BCSSTT offers support to people in the BOP who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer. It works with about 160 different women each year.

Service manager Helen Alice says the team were upset when they found out they will have to leave the ‘homely’ property on Fifteenth Ave.

“Initially it was rather heart-sinking, we have a very good landlord who has kept our rent very attractive.

“The thought of trying to get something suitable at market rate is really a bit scary.”

Helen says that prices of properties on the current market are much higher than what the charity is paying for its rental at the moment.

“We are probably looking at increased outgoings of about 20,000-25,000 a year.”

“And I am not talking about a flash place. I am just talking about a pretty basic house. Looking at what’s available, that’s what we are facing right now.”

Helen emphasises the importance of having a space where they can cater to people under immense stress.

“It’s really important to us that the face of our service is welcoming and comfortable for people who are often quite distressed.

“We are looking for a place we can make homely and welcoming, somewhere warm and comfortable.”

BCSSTT believes a suitable space will enable them to provide continued support to those suffering from breast cancer in the BOP community.

“Having an actual physical space where people can walk in, in a distressed state, and sit and chat is what we have been doing since we were in existence, and what we want to keep on doing in this community,” says Helen.

“We would love any benefactor who might like to look after a charity like ours to come forward.”

The charity is hoping to find a property before late August.

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