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Dale Carnegie Bay of Plenty trainer Kat Macmillan and training director Andrea Shaw are hosting an Artificial Intelligence business briefing today.

Artificial intelligence isn’t about to completely take over from humans anytime soon but it pays to be prepared.

Dale Carnegie Bay of Plenty training director Andrea Shaw says introducing AI technology to a workplace requires planning and forward-thinking.

“AI is coming into our lives and the workplace, and it’s such a key part of becoming more productive. It’s critical to prepare people in the workforce, we need to ensure they have the skills to work with AI.”

She is hosting an event today. September 13, to prepare Tauranga workplaces for the human-machine partnerships of the future.

The purpose of the event is to get people to understand the consequences of introducing AI into a business without thought and consideration.

“It’s all about getting people to think about the implications of AI for their people in the workplace.

“Understanding the impact of significant technological change in the workplace may have on employees can help leaders ensure that productivity gains from technology aren’t offset by losses in employee engagement.

“Even if you’re not deploying artificial intelligence now, developing insights into how to encourage employees to become advocates can benefit any major initiative on your horizon.”

Andrea says AI has the potential to compromise job stability in various fields of work.

On a more positive note, she points out that AI is removing the repetitiveness and drudgery of some functions in the workplace.

“It will allow people to focus on things that are a lot more meaningful, and it is not currently at the stage where it will overtake humans in creative and emotional intelligence.”

Researchers predict that by 2030, 70 per cent of all companies will have deployed AI and it could impact as many as 60 per cent of all jobs.

“Leaders who hope to benefit from AI’s full potential, including those responsible for developing human capital, have a lot to think about,” says Andrea.

The business briefing provides business leaders with an opportunity to review key research from outside experts about the impact AI is expected to have on the workplace.

New findings from Dale Carnegie & Associates on employees’ attitudes toward AI and its use in specific applications will also be discussed.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way people live and work, promising trillions in economic impact and massive advancements in predictability and productivity.

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