Anthony‘s ’Superpower smile‘

Anthony Coulter.

Following on from his recent music video 'Arresting A Dream', local artist Anthony Coulter continues to write more songs.

The 'piano man' has lived in Tauranga since 2000, and his songs 'Shaking Her Wings',  'Go Go Girl', 'Sands Of Time' and 'Arresting A Dream' are all now music videos.

'Shaking Her Wings' won an award for Best Pop/Rock Ballad at the Akademia Music Awards.

'Arresting A Dream' was filmed at The Jam Factory, where Anthony was joined by Marilyn Collins-Smith, with backing vocals from Denise Hyde and Shane Davies.

With a 1920s gothic feel, 'Arresting A Dream' is scheduled to have screenings at the Cult Cinema Club at the Fringe Festival at Tauranga Historic Village on Saturday October 26. Check out Anthony Coulter Music page for screening times.

Anthony is happy to be working with many of his friends in the music scene, and is loving the recording work done by Tim Julian at Colour Field Studios, and also kudos to Shane Davies and Beverley Hailwood for sound, production and filmwork done by Soundtree Productions.

Continuing to work on his upcoming debut album 'Memories', due out this summer, Anthony's latest single release on Spotify and YouTube is 'Superpower Smile', featuring the artist Red from the Dionne Show, Brooke Stinson from Hybrid Blues, and Shane Davies from Electric Universe on backing vocals.

Anthony is happy to be part of The Fringe Festival, and will be performing many of his songs and a few covers at the Black Sheep Bar & Grill, Whakamarama from 1pm – 3pm on Sunday October 27.

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