Keep your property secure these holidays

Just because it’s time to unwind for the year doesn’t mean you can relax your home security.

While the holiday season may be on your mind – it’s not the time to relax when it comes to keeping your home and property secure.

Often there is an increase in burglaries, thefts and dishonesty offences from residential properties over the summer months.

We can initiate our own home security to deter burglars by locking your doors and windows.

Record the serial numbers of expensive electronic items and photograph these and other valuables, email images to your home email for vault storage.
Keep valuables such as jewellery, cameras and electronic games out of sight. Install an alarm system and get sensor lights fitted. Remember to keep garden sheds and garages locked when not in use and don't leave garden tools and mowers outside.
By keeping hedges or plants around doors and windows well-trimmed, it helps stop burglars finding a place to hide.
When you are out in the garden remember to keep your house secure. Note down registrations, descriptions, date, time and place of any suspicious vehicles or people and give police a call.
Also, don't leave your vehicle windows down when it's sitting outside your property.

If you observe any suspicious behaviour contact the police immediately on 111.

Information can also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on: 0800 555 111 or via: 105.

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