Motiti-inspired fishing show airs final season

Nicky Sinden’s days of fishing on TV are coming to an end. Photo: supplied.

The final season of Motiti-inspired fishing show, TradeZone Addicted to Fishing, starts tomorrow.

Host and show creator Nicky Sinden found her love for fishing on Motiti Island, where she spent her childhood visiting her Uncle and Aunty, Don and Gail Willis, who live there.

“Motiti is where I learned to fish, drive, and it’s even where I had my first kiss – it means a lot to me.”

Nicky filmed the first episode of TradeZone Addicted to Fishing at Motiti Island, and seven successful seasons later, the show is coming to an end.

Nicky is excited for viewers to see the final season.

“It will blow all our other seasons out of the water,” says Nicky.

“There’s a lot more underwater action, more of a focus on fish utilisation, preparation and cooking, and a huge mix of people and places featured.”

Nicky and her team had to get creative when the COVID-19 lockdown interrupted their filming schedule, which has given an “a unique flavour” to the last series.

“While in lockdown, I got absolutely bombarded with messages from people asking questions about where to find fish, how to catch them, what gear to use and how to prepare them… so in this season we try answer as many of those questions as possible.”

Nicky decided to step back from the show to focus on family and her new marketing business.

“I’ll still be getting out on the water whenever I get the chance.

“I will truly miss it, but I’m excited for the future.”

Catch the first episode of TradeZone Addicted to Fishing’s final season on Prime TV tomorrow, at 5pm.

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