Ensuring voices of our community are heard

Lobbying For Good
with Erika Harvey

On July 20, Tauranga will see the preliminary results of our newly-elected council.

This is an exciting time for our city, but more importantly it’s a time to ensure that the voices of our community are heard.

Lobbying is a term most associate with American politics, but it’s been happening in New Zealand since the 19th Century with only those who have deep pockets often participating.

This leaves an imbalance with the public often feeling underrepresented. The lack of lobbying regulations raises concerns, allowing well-funded consultants, organisations, special interest groups, and individuals to have disproportionate influence.

In Tauranga, many have faced significant challenges without elected representatives, but now we have a unique opportunity to influence those who will shape our city’s future. Understanding how to lobby effectively is a skill everyone should learn to be an active participant in our democratic process, ensuring your voice and community are heard.

Each month, I’ll share tips, advice, and stories on how you can get involved in lobbying.

Whether you’re a community group or charity aiming to make a difference, a small business owner concerned about local regulations or someone who wants to see safer streets, there’s a place for you here.

Write in and let me know what you’d like me to cover. Write to me at: Erika@ErikaHarvey.co.nz

And each month I’ll help you learn practical tips on engaging with decision-makers and turning your problems into solutions.

Your voice matters, and with the right tools and knowledge, you can help shape your future, even when it’s not an election year.

Stay tuned each month for insights and strategies to empower your own advocacy efforts.

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