Loving every child for life

From left, Jessica Young with baby Violet, Ōmokoroa Loved 4 Life’s Cathy Taylor, and Ashley Gainford with baby Freya. Photo: John Borren.

“We visit every baby that’s born that we hear about,” says Cathy Taylor, who founded the Ōmokoroa Chapter of Loved 4 Life.

hat must be a fair few visits as the once-farmland peninsula mushrooms into residential mecca, full of young families?

“Great families, equals great communities, equals a great country,” says Cathy.

“Our vision is to positively impact families; and our goal is every child will be loved for life and that parents will have the skills to make this happen.”

No one older

Cathy’s chapter is part of the nationwide not-for-profit organisation, which welcomes new babies with gifted parcels including quilts, knitted goods and burping cloths plus a listening ear for mothers.

“We feel these days, a lot of young mums don’t have any parental or grandparental support.

“They’re moving around the country, and suddenly here they are with a new baby and they’ve got no one older to help them.

"Sometimes you just need somebody older that can just be like a mum or a grandmother, and that’s the role we play.”

Cathy began the Ōmokoroa chapter in 2017 – and it’s morphed from gifting quilts, to knitted baby clothes, to much more

“The parcel has grown and grown...”

Cathy’s volunteers visit newborns and mothers within three weeks of them giving birth.

“We take a parcel of goodies and arrange to get a meal delivered. Each term we have a coffee morning so mothers can get in contact with each other and make friends,” says Cathy.

“At the coffee mornings it’s just lovely to meet up and see the interactions between the mums.”

The hope is all feel a part of the community, says Cathy.

“We involve the elderly too because I’ve got 12 – all retirees – that knit and quilt for us and when we have the coffee mornings they come too and the young ones come and we all mix together.”

Join or refer a mum!

Cathy says with mums reluctant to ask for free gifts, mainly other mothers or grandparents make referrals.

“Our first Loved 4 Life babies are now at school!”

Cathy’s chapter – which has extended to Plumbers Point, Whakamārama and Katikati – runs on funds she applies for.

“We’re hoping to start another chapter in Katikati.”

Welcome Bay and Tauranga each have a chapter, and Cathy hopes to start another in Pāpāmoa.

To become part of a group of ladies (or men) who sew, knit or cook, contact Cathy.

She also needs to know of pregnant mums, so she can contact them to offer a parcel.

Contact Cathy on 021 704 686 or email: gregncathy51@hotmail.com or visit: www.loved4life.com

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