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The fine art of sand

  The materials in Hamilton artist Nancy Tschetner’s studio are a little different from normal.   Armed with just sand, adhesive,... Read More

Tauranga Hockey hits 100 mark

  Hockey has changed immensely in 100 years - original sticks resembled candy canes, balls were made of leather filled with wool or cork and games... Read More

Tauranga’s goat talent

  If you’ve got too many kids, farming them out is the key.   Black, brown, white and mottled. All up there’s 100 baby male... Read More

Elderly sleeping in their cars

An ‘influx’ of elderly people in Tauranga are turning to social service providers for accommodation support after finding themselves facing... Read More

‘Handy Wheels’ ready to roll

  Tauranga man Alessio Di Giandomenico knows more than most about how hard it can be to get work experience, let alone employment.   After... Read More

Nothing stops the vote

  There’s a certain buzz in the rest home community around election time.   This year it’s a bit different with fewer candidates... Read More

Spawning a mushroom business

  On the brink of lockdown, Whakamarama‘s Billy ‘Mushroom’ Roy launched Marama’s Mushrooms, a business that sells grow-your-own... Read More

Masks made mandatory

  The message to wear a face covering on public transport appears to have been heard by Tauranga residents.   Wearing protective masks or... Read More

Changing things for good

  A Waitakere Ranges upbringing surrounded by native bush has helped steer Josh Cole towards standing as Tauranga’s Green Party candidate.... Read More

Stay calm and get knitting

  Knitting is making a comeback however the resurgence isn’t just due to people finding time on their hands like they did during the nationwide... Read More

For the love of a tree

  It started as a simple request by Garry and Luanne Bettelheim, the owners of a property in 13th Ave, to remove a tree.   They are knocking... Read More