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Best little foodie secret in town

  The roller door has been hoisted, and the mid-morning sun is fingering its way towards a huge cauldron simmering on a gas trivet in the kitchen... Read More

Picnic table for everyone

  Papamoa Domain has a new picnic table.   And this isn’t any ordinary picnic table – it’s specifically designed for... Read More

Say my name, right

  Tauranga artist Graham Hoete is encouraging residents to start using the right pronunciation in his new tongue-in-cheek art piece.   “It’s... Read More

It all comes by sea

  If there were no seafarers the world would come to a ‘grinding halt’.   And next month, on Merchant Navy Day at Sulphur Point,... Read More

Music from around the globe

  Ethno Sessions this weekend at the Jam Factory is a superb way to experience the world of music from many cultures around the globe.   Organiser... Read More

Germ of an idea becomes reality

  “We had a little dream and it became a big dream,” says Karen Summerhays, who helped mastermind the bold business initiative to stop... Read More

Life of a Karitane Nurse

  Lyndsay Morgan has been caring for infants for more than 40 years.   The Tauranga woman’s career started straight out of high school... Read More

The sky’s the limit

  Right now they may just be small sprouts, but sky-high glorious sunflowers will be dispersed across the Otumoetai Kindergarten garden in a few... Read More

Eat their vegetables

  Merivale Community Garden is for the people.   And the group of devoted volunteers behind the garden want residents of the community to... Read More