Local News

Heat puts a city on edge

  There’s no respite in store.   WeatherWatch is forecasting temperatures of 30, 29, 29, 28 and 28 for Tauranga over the next five... Read More

Carpark issues fester on

  The Tauranga City Council says it doesn’t have a legal responsibility to mitigate the impact of the stalled Harington Street carpark project... Read More

Shoring up public access

  A Welcome Bay resident fighting to reclaim a public waterfront reserve is “ecstatic” about Tauranga City Council’s move to... Read More

The house that Hilary left

  It was a beautiful time and it was a sad time.   “A massive family gathering and Mum was sitting under a tree in her favourite swing,... Read More

Style traverses the generations

  Little Chelsea Cooper likes to gussy up. She has a nose for style, for fashion, even at six.   “My favourite dress is a leopard... Read More

Tauranga player reaps US rewards

  Winning one national title for the University of Charleston would have been a great result for Will Clague.   So to finish up his four-year... Read More

Crossing takes its bloody toll

  Roundabouts are meant to be the safest form of intersection control, but try telling that to the people of Tara Road in Papamoa.   Frustrated... Read More

Circus festivities for all

  One winning master-juggler will wing their way to Mexico after a competition next week in Katikati.   "These guys are beasts - we... Read More

A new New Year festival

  A group of six Tauranga youth practise the Kung-Fu move with coordination, balance and poise. It is a big responsibility for the biggest day... Read More

Showing their true colours

A brightly coloured mural illustrating Tauranga's cultural sites of significance now covers the lower level of an inner-city carpark. One hundred... Read More