Are we barking up the right tree?

All dogs classified as menacing to be neutered, and no more than two beehives in a residential zone.

They’re just a couple of proposed changes to the rules governing how we manage our dogs and keep other animals in Tauranga. The issues are up for public discussion.

The changes to the dog policy and bylaws are aimed at ensuring the needs of dogs and owners are met while minimising danger, distress or nuisance from dogs.

It means Tauranga City Council is overhauling its Dog Management Policy, Dog Management Bylaw 2018 and its Keeping of Animal Bylaw 2018.

It’s a formal consultation process where the community has the opportunity to have its say before the changes become law.

Policy states the general approach to the management of dogs, while the bylaw states the specific rules that dog owners must follow, including areas where dogs are prohibited or where they must be on a leash.

Proposed changes include extending the current dog-prohibited area of 255m past Leisure Island, replacing the 200m prohibited area around the Omanu and Papamoa surf lifesaving clubs with a defined area of the beach that dogs on a leash can pass through, a new summer season on-leash restriction between Motiti Road and Karewa Parade from 10am to 5pm from December 15 through to February 15, requiring all dogs classed as menacing to be neutered, banning exercising more than two dogs off leash in a reserve and banning exercising more than four dogs on leashes in public at any time.

Full details are available at:

The draft Keeping of Animals Bylaw enables us to keep animals on their property as long as they aren’t a nuisance.

It would mean pigs and goats could only be kept in rural zones, beehives in a residential zone would be restricted to two, chicken coops could be constructed along the boundary line but not within five metres of a neighbour, and if you want to keep more than 12 chooks then you would need a licence.

Horses or cattle must be at least five metres from any dwelling, shop, warehouse, factory, workshop, church or school.

Full details of the draft changes and why council proposes to make them are available at:

TCC is now asking the community for feedback and suggested changes. 

That can be done by going to the council’s website. Hard copies are available at the customer service centre at 91 Willow Street and in our libraries.

Submission hearings will be heard on Monday, October 1.

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