How to get things done

Talking Politics
with Sam Uffindell, Tauranga MP

Local democracy is returning to Tauranga.

Last week Simeon Brown announced that “restoring democracy in Tauranga is a priority for me as Minister of Local Government”.

This is a great outcome for our city and upholds the fundamental right of people in Tauranga to elect our local council.

There are champions and critics on both sides of this highly fraught local issue.

The Commissioners, led by Anne Tolley, have made big decisions with big price tags that will invigorate our CBD.

We are, however, a Western liberal democracy and people need to have their voices heard.

That is why Tom Rutherford and I have spent a lot of time working with Minister Simeon Brown to ensure your voice is heard in Wellington and that the people of Tauranga have democracy restored.

My approach is to talk in person with key stakeholders who actually make the decisions.

This is how you get things done.

My recommendation to the community is to put forward strong, competent candidates.

We don’t need to return to where we were before Nanaia Mahuta stepped in.

For potential candidates, it may be a higher risk career than what you currently do, but that is part of the sacrifice to serve our community and you’ll have a genuine opportunity to shape this fantastic city of ours going forward.

Tauranga needs people who put the community first, support sustainable development, can work in a collegial manner and bring real world experience to the table.

Step up and let’s go!


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