The city council election is upon us

Lobbying For Good
with Erika Harvey

With ballot papers already delivered, Tauranga anticipates its first elected representatives in almost five years.

Politics might seem dull, especially to younger voters, but the decisions made by our elected council will shape all our lives, affecting job opportunities, housing costs, public spaces and safety.

A recurring theme on social media and in my inbox is the call for greater accountability and transparency from the Tauranga City Council.

Many readers of my last column emphasised the need for new council and mayoral candidates to commit to ‘opening the books’.

One reader noted: “Candidates committing to show us what the Commissioners have done these past five years would help me make a more informed decision on which candidates are truly community-focused”.

Another highlighted the need for more inclusive politics:

“Council hearings are during school and work hours, preventing many from participating. Everyone should have a real opportunity to engage”.

The need to rebuild trust in our community is evident with community advocacy essential for ensuring all voices are heard. In response to feedback,

Youth Voices Action and Lobby for Good created a cheat sheet for Local Body Elections, that explains voting in a council works, at:

We’re also exploring initiatives to empower young people and the wider community with tools to effectively lobby and advocate for their interests. Let us know what you think would be helpful.

This time next month, we’ll know who will lead this city. It's expected our elected officials won't always see eye to eye, but it's crucial they act like adults and work together for the sake of the communities that elected them.

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