Art that sustains a community

Contestants take to the stage in a previous Sustainable Art Challenge.

There are two categories in this year’s challenge. One is the Sustainable Wearable Art Challenge, and the second is a 48-hour challenge to upcycle a piece of clothing into something fresh.

Envirohub and the ReMaker Space are combining forces and resources to run the Sustainable Art Challenge competition which starts now and runs until 2pm on Friday, July 23.    

The 48-hour challenge starts at 2pm on Thursday, July 22, and finishes at 2pm on Saturday, July 24.

The Awards Ceremony for both competitions will take place at 3.30pm on Sunday, July 25.

“This year we have changed things up from our usual format and the ReMaker Space have sourced rescued resources which will make up a pack which the contestants must use to make their creations,” says Envirohub projects manager Liesel Carnie.

“Each piece of waste in the pack has a story behind it and paints a picture of the ridiculous amounts of perfectly good materials thrown out every day.”

For the Sustainable Wearable Art Challenge people are required to create a wearable art masterpiece from the pack of materials provided by the ReMaker Space and Envirohub.

Entrants must use at least 70 per cent of this pack, but can also use ‘found’ materials such as items that were otherwise considered trash or bought from a charity shop.

“The materials do not have to be soft materials, this can be anything you already own that could be transformed into wearable art. The only rule is that you can’t buy any materials new,” says Liesel.

For the 48-hour Second Hand Fashion challenge, which will take place from 2pm Thursday, July 22, to 2pm Saturday, July, 24. Entrants must curate, style and upcycle an outfit from second hand clothing, creating an exciting, fresh and modern look out of rescued resources sourced from the ReMaker Space.

“You can purchase other second hand accessories to complement your look,” says Liesel.

“We ask contestants to really think of the impact of their waste and to tell us a story with their wearable art.”

For the 48 hour challenge the contestants are asked to focus more on styling to show how much fashion is already out there and that it can be upcycled or styled into a fantastic outfit.

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