Jump, hop and run

Ryan Luke, 3, Joshua Bishop, and Blake McCormick, 4, get in some practice ahead of the obstacle run. Photo: Chris Callinan.

If a regular old run isn’t doing it for you anymore – whether it’s not pushing you to peak performance or it’s just boring you to tears – Joshua Bishop has something different for you to try.

Obstacle racing.

“Basically, it’s peak distance running which covers a range of terrain and there are a bunch of obstacles for people to complete going through the distance. So there might be walls or carries [carrying items] or challenges or things like that,” says Joshua.

And the Bay will be seeing its very first obstacle race out at TECT All Terrain Park this Saturday, October 8.

“It’s quite exciting, we have about 200 daring people who have signed up to take the challenge,” says Joshua.

“It’s 8km with 22 or more obstacles. The idea is that we will challenge a person dynamically, not just strength. There’s things like a bucket carry up a hill, which is not overly pleasant.

“We have various high walls, and we have inverted walls, then we’ve got some walls that are just made of chain. We’ve got two lots of money bars, monkey hoops, balance beams and crawls.”

If you’re worried that you’re not fit enough, or strong enough, Joshua says there’s no excuse.

“It’s 8km so you could crawl that in a day! We’ve made it so that anyone can do it. I would expect for a person of reasonable fitness it would take about 50 minutes.”

If you can’t complete an obstacle that’s no worry – you are allowed to pass them. Unless you’re in the Elite class – then you get a different task.

“If you fail an attempt on an obstacle you have to do 30 frog squats, which is quite a deep squat, and we will have people governing those obstacles in the morning.”

Joshua says there’s also a variety of activities for before and after the run.

There will be a firetruck and a DJ playing music throughout the day, and NZ Parkour will have a demo stand.

“We’ve also invited the Tauranga Foodbank out to the event and they’re running a sausage sizzle.”

Joshua says they’ll be shouting everyone a steaming saussie at the end of the event.

“We’re buying everyone that enters a sausage, and the money is going straight towards the foodbank.”

Joshua says a collection will also be running on the day, and he encourages everyone to bring non-perishable food items with them.

People can enter on the day, but will have to pay cash. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Adults cost $65 each and children cost $25 each.

For more information, search ‘Obstacle Race Tauranga’.