Racing to find the best dress

Jessica Smith dressed for the Melbourne Cup. Photo: Chris Callinan.

One of the toughest parts of getting ready to go out is picking the perfect outfit – and the 2016 Melbourne Cup Charity Luncheon is no exception.

The Melbourne Cup Rotary Charity Luncheon, on November 1 from 12.30pm at ASB Baypark Stadium, is coming up – and organising the right outfit can be tough.

Thankfully, Rodelle Payne from Sisters and Co in Mount Maunganui is here to help all you ladies who are nervous about what to wear.

“With rules in fashion becoming much less important it’s nice to know there is still an etiquette around what to wear to a race day,” says Rodelle.

She’s now offering her top tips to dressing for a day out at the races. “Always try to wear something on your head, whether it be a floral head piece, fascinator or hat.

“It always raises the bar with a head piece!”

Try to stay away from showing too much skin. “Keep midriffs covered and if you are going to wear super short keep some length in the arms or vice versa,” says Rodelle.

And if skirts and dresses aren’t your cup of tea, Rodelle says there are other options.

“Jumpsuits and elegant top and pants are definitely fine to wear – just keep them elegant.”

And with all the new collections available at Sisters and Co, you’re bound to find the right outfit.

More information on the Melbourne Cup Rotary Charity Luncheon can be found by searching ‘The Melbourne Cup Rotary Charity Luncheon’ on Facebook or phoning organiser Sharon Hitchcock on 027 272 7417.

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