Celebrating 140 years of A&P

Sandy Draffin and her rooster, will head Tauranga A&P Show’s Most Impressive Rooster Competition. Photo: John Borren.

This year celebrates a big milestone for the Tauranga A&P Show.

This year’s show marks 140 years for Tauranga A&P.

They were newly incorporated in December 1883 and held their very first show on January 29, 1884.

The Tauranga A & P Committee was a keen and dedicated group, who decided early on to organise all the Auckland Winter Shows.

“As time progresses, we try to maintain what an A & P Show is about, although with changing landscape our of farms becoming lifestyle blocks and small holdings, this is becoming challenging,” says Tauranga A&P vice president Alison Stubbington.

“We have had to diverse to smaller various animal varieties, and fresh produce stalls, eggs and honey.”

As Tauranga has the ideal climate to grow fruit, vegetables and specialised breeds of farm animals, some of which will be at this year’s show.

The Tauranga A&P Show will be held at 1388 Cameron Rd, Greerton, from February 16-17.

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