Passion, love, lies & tragedy

The local cast of Detour Theatre's 'Othello'.

A passionate tale of ‘one that loved not wisely but too well’ lies at the heart of Detour Theatre’s upcoming production of ‘Othello’.

Director Devon Williamson is excited to bring Shakespeare’s iconic and much-loved tragedy to life at Detour Theatre in the Historic Village, from September 9-26.

Full of plots, murders and lies, the story follows Othello, a Moor and general in the service of Venice who falls victim to a malicious campaign of deception by his onetime friend, Iago.

“Othello’s inflamed jealousy leads him to destroy all he loves, including his beautiful new wife Desdemona, and ultimately himself,” explains Devon. “Playing Othello is David Tauranga whose performances are powerful, emotional and action packed. He’s mesmerising to watch.”

Returning for another Detour Theatre Shakespeare season is experienced actor Pascal Tibbits, who takes on the heavy responsibility of the character Iago – the biggest role in the play.

Iago is the main character who drives the action, causes all the mayhem, and ultimately, is Othello’s downfall, says Devon.

“Pascal’s considerable acting experience is obvious in his skilful portrayal of one of Shakespeare’s nastiest characters.”

Joining them is the one-and-only Chris Parnell, who appears as Cassio, while the always popular Gin Mabey takes on the role of Desdemona, whose portrayal is full of spirit and pathos.

“Shakespeare’s plays were written to entertain… 400 years later we’re loving the experience of making them entertain still.”

Detour Theatre presents ‘Othello’ in the Historic Village on 17th Ave, until Saturday, September 26. Tickets cost $26 for adults, $21 for seniors & students. For information and where to buy tickets visit