1000 eggs to be found this Easter!

The Whipped Baker’s owner, Frances Cooper has been busy rounding up Easter eggs to bring some fun to the community. Photo: John Borren.

Hidden in the depths of a village shop, near the chapel’s church bell, or among the old cobble stones – the Easter bunny will be dotting 1000 chocolate eggs in The Historic Village this Easter Sunday!

The Whipped Baker’s owner Frances Cooper is bringing some Easter fun and goodies for families and kids to enjoy via Easter egg hunt down at the village this weekend.

“As a mum of five kids I know coming up to Easter time you want to treat your kids and make sure that it’s a real special and magical time,” says Frances.

“With the cost of everything, it’s got out of hand and I just thought it would be a really nice idea to have a little Easter egg hunt down at the village and just do a gold coin entry so that kids or families that don’t have a lot of money and do want to treat their kids, it might be a bit more affordable.”

Some of The Historic Village’s shopkeepers have come on-board and will have colourful eggs tucked away in their stores, ready to be discovered by eager Easter egg hunters.

Among the 1000 chocolate eggs, there will be eight special golden ones that have a unique Whipped Baker surprise within.

“I love holidays and I love kids getting excited about it.

"I think every child needs or deserves to get excited about things like that – whether you are in a position to lavish your kids in chocolate or not.”

“I just wanted the parents to come in and feel relaxed, and let the kids go off on a little bit of a hunt.

“They can sit down and chill or they can go with the kids and, and make it even more exciting.”

The Easter egg hunt will be feeding a good cause too – the gold coin entry fee will be used to buy Easter eggs to distribute at Tauranga Hospital children’s ward.

“Anything that I do receive I’m going to be putting back into Easter eggs, and my daughter and I are going to go up with the bunny suit on to the Tauranga Hospital children’s ward and give out eggs,” says Frances.

“It’s just about community, it’s about fun and it’s about cherishing your children.”

Hop along to the Whipped Baker in the Historic Village on Easter Sunday, March 31, by 9am to take part.

There will be a ‘bunny station’ outside.

Entry is a gold coin donation for children 12 years and under.

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